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10 Best Personality Traits for the Modern Man

10 Best Personality Traits for the Modern Man

10 Best Personality Traits for the Modern Man

If you ask your friends what the best personality traits for a guy are, you’re likely to get answers ranging in opinion.  Anywhere from bravery, to charisma, to strength, to athleticism.  But if you’re trying to impress a lady-friend, the answers will wildly vary.  As it turns out, the personality traits that women find attractive in men are much different than the one’s men find attractive.

If you’re looking to understand what some of the best personality traits for the modern man are, look no further than our complete list below.  We review a wide range of personality traits that are idealistic for both sexes and try to give a little more depth on why they’re so admired.


A charismatic man is a confident one.  Both men and women tend to appreciate a certain level of confidence, albeit without the need for arrogance.  Maintaining a charismatic personality includes the ability to speak smoothly and easily and not being frightened by variables that may trip-up other people.

Charisma is typically seen as an attractiveness or charm that can inspire a level of devotion and faith in others.  By being charismatic, people are more likely to not only trust you, but also to believe in what you are saying.  That why charisma is one of the best traits for the modern man and for people looking to get into politics or leadership positions.


This was ranked as one of the highest personality traits that a man should possess by the women in the study, and is it any wonder?  Faithfulness includes, of course, remaining faithful and not cheating on your significant other. 

But it can go so much further than that.  Not only should a modern man be faithful to his partner, but he should be faithful in his promises, in his words, and in his actions.  Faithfulness should be a personality trait that embodies the modern man and one that is innate in his being.

A Sense of Humor

No one likes bland.  No one likes stale.  Really, no one likes boring.  And while we’re not saying you need to be the most interesting man in the room at all times, you should have a personality that is engaging and humorous. 

Unsurprisingly, women are naturally attracted to funny, humorous men.  While the underlying reasons aren’t fully known, both scientific and anecdotal evidence has shown that a humorous man is definitely a ladies’ man.


Most people are attracted to intelligence.  Now, you don’t need to have your Ph.D., nor do you need to be the smartest man in the room.  But having basic understandings of how life works, of philosophical theories and queries, of pop-culture and world news are qualities that make you not only more intelligent but also more interesting to speak to.


Stinginess isn’t attractive.  Even if you aren’t in a position to donate regularly, there’s still so many ways you can be generous in life.  Whether it’s volunteering your time, your knowledge, or your know-how, there are so many ways to give back.  Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll also be a more attractive catch.

Cooking and Cleaning

No one likes a slob.  As a modern man, you should aim to be able to keep your home, your car, and your living and working spaces neat and tidy.  A significant other isn’t your mother and nor do they want to be.  You should be able to clean up after yourself and ensure that you are properly fed each day.

Being Good in Bed

While not a direct personality trait, being good in bed is an attractive quality and one that your partner would appreciate.  Being good in bed doesn’t necessarily mean being able to last long or the size of your toolset.  Rather, being good in bed means being thoughtful and mindful as to the needs of your partner.  Always be a generous, giving partner and you’ll definitely qualify as someone who’s good in bed.

A Good Sense of Style

You’re a man now, so dress like one.  Women appreciate a man who can dress himself well and one who takes an interest in their own fashion.  With so many budget-friendly options available, no-one has an excuse to not care for their style and to not dress well.

Fitness and Strength

Unsurprisingly, fitness and strength are admirable qualities in a man.  While you don’t need to have a bodybuilders physique, you should have some muscular definition and be able to keep-up with basic strength needs.  Getting into shape and having basic muscular definition doesn’t need to be difficult, simply putting in a few hours a week at the gym will make a world of difference.

Earnings Potential

While having a stable, well-paying career is attractive, women tend to like a man who is not only financially stable but also has some ambition.  A man who is hard-working and ambitious will go much further than someone who simply got lucky.