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18 Ways to Date Like a Perfect Gentleman

18 Ways to Date Like a Perfect Gentleman

18 Ways to Date Like a Perfect Gentleman

Unfortunately, dignity and chivalry, particularly in the dating world, have seemed to die off.  Wherein dates can be procured via a simple text asking, “wyd”, the future of chivalry seems more-and-more uncertain.  But, if you’re looking to be more chivalrous and gentlemanly, then we’re here to give you 18 ways to date like a perfect gentleman.

The tips and tricks we provide below aren’t difficult, they simply reintroduce the aspects of chivalry, respect, and courtesy that so many men seem to be lacking.  Want to rise above the fray?  Then follow these simple steps and learn to date like a perfect gentleman.

Ask Her for a Proper Date

Sending a text asking if she would like to go out may seem appropriate, but both you and her deserve more.  When it comes to asking a woman out, do so in a respectful and honorary manner.  At minimum, you should ask her in person and not over text.  If you cannot reach her in person, then it is best to ask over a phone call.

When it comes to asking her out on a proper date, you should do so appropriately and respectfully.  Approach her and ask her simply if she would like to go out on a date with you.  Don’t ramble or stutter.  Simply ask the question.  At worst, she’ll say no.  At best, you just got yourself a date.

Handle Rejection Gracefully

No one who goes to bat hits a homerun on every turn.  Similarly, asking a girl out on a date may lead to a rejection.  While rejections suck, they shouldn’t hurt your confidence.  Perhaps you misread the interactions or perhaps she recently ended a long-term relationship.  Whatever the case, you should take the rejection gracefully and thank her for the consideration.  Afterall, you never know if she may have a change of heart in the future.

Choose an Appropriate Restaurant

The perfect date needs the perfect restaurant.  And while you and your friends may love that hole-in-the-wall Mexican spot that only takes cash and has no outdoor seating, your date deserves something a little better. 

While we aren’t saying that you need to make a reservation at the exclusive, posh, all-too-expensive spot, you should be able to find a perfect medium of class and formality.

Need more tips?  When it comes to choosing an appropriate restaurant, you will want to choose a spot that serves food that she enjoys and that will allow for easy conversation.  The ambiance should be sophisticated or romantic.  The music should be played at an easy level, wherein it can be heard as a subtle tone in the background but does not drown out your conversation.

Make Reservations

With the ease of making reservations, no-one has an excuse to not make one before an event.  This is doubly-so when the event is a date night.  With apps like Open Table and Seated, you can easily make a reservation on your phone and ensure that you and your date have tables available.

Dress Appropriately

It’s a date-night, not a happy hour.  Dress to impress and dress well.  Your outfit should match the general décor and vibe of the establishment that you will be attending, so dress appropriately.  In addition, you don’t want her to show up to the date dressed to the nines while you look like you just stumbled out of bed.

Be Punctual

In the world of dating, punctuality is key.  8:00 PM should mean 8:00 PM.  In fact, it’s best to arrive a few minutes early to show your date your seriousness and interest in the upcoming date.  No-one appreciates being stood-up and just as bad is someone setting a date-time only to arrive late.

Clean Your Car

If you’re picking your date up, then make sure your car is clean.  This includes throwing away any built-up trash, dusting the interior, and adding in air fresheners to ensure the smell of old fast food and bodily odors is fully masked.  The passenger’s seat should be cleaned and vacuumed and there should be no trash where she will be laying her feet.

Walk to Her Door

Again, if picking up your date, ensure that you walk to her door and pick her up.  Don’t send a text letting her know you’re there.  Rather, be a gentleman and walk to her door.  Give a courtesy knock and look excited for your upcoming date.

Open the Car Door for Her

Again, if you’re picking up your date, be sure to open the car door for her.  Not only is this a basic gentlemanly act but it’s an easy way to show your seriousness and maturity to your date.  In addition, be sure to keep a similar pace to your date so that she is not sprinting behind you, trying to keep up.

Keep Her Updated

Many women like to feel safe, especially if they are riding with someone they do not know too well.  In an effort to help her feel safe, be sure to let her know where you are headed, where the restaurant is located, and where the parking is.  Want to take it up a notch?  Pull-up Google Maps and have your phone up against the dashboard so she can gauge the time it will take to get there.

Let Her Order First

As a general rule, it is best to allow her to order first.  Avoid discussing prices and let her be comfortable with her options.  Once she has finished ordering, you can chime in with your order. 

As an additional courtesy, you may ask her if she is interested in any appetizers or drinks.  Some women are shier and may be hesitant to order additional options.  Let her know you’re comfortable and ask her if there is anything additional she may want.

Pay for the Entire Bill

You asked her out on the date.  The bill is your responsibility. That is why you should choose an establishment that you are not only comfortable with paying for, but also a restaurant that will be within your budget. 

Whether you have a smaller or a large budget, there are a plethora of options for you to choose for your date-night.

Maintain Eye Contact and Conversation

Silence can be…awkward.  Try not to let there be a lull in conversation.  Be sure to have a handful of topics to discuss and don’t dominate the entire conversation.  Ask questions and let her provide her own answers.  Smile and maintain eye contact throughout.

Kindness is Gentlemanly

The best way to judge a man is to see how he acts to people in lesser positions to him.  As-such, be sure to show kindness and thankfulness to the wait staff, the valet, the doorman, and anyone else you may interact with.  You should leave a sufficient tip to the wait staff and be courteous throughout the night.

 Put Your Phone Away

You should be on a date, not on your phone.  Unless you’re on-call for work or waiting for an extremely important call, then everything else can wait.  Keep your phone in your pocket and give your date your full, undivided attention.

Let the End Goal be a Good Date Night

Having ulterior or nefarious intentions can be seen from a mile away.  Treat your date with respect and nix the ulterior motives.  Try to have a genuinely good time and let the rest of the night develop naturally.  Pushing for additional goals will only push your date away from you.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Don’t overindulge and go past your limit.  Drink in moderation and keep it simple.  She shouldn’t have to hold you up as you stumble out of the restaurant.

Have Fun

Last, but certainly not least, is to simply have fun.  Put on your best outfit, your best smile, and have a good time.  Let the date flow naturally and keep the conversation flowing.  Hopefully this will lead to additional dates!