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How to Judge a Man’s Character

How to Judge a Man’s Character

How to Judge a Man’s Character

It is often said to, “never judge a book by its cover.”  And while people aren’t books, the same can be said when it comes to judging another person’s character.  However, when it comes to judging a man’s character, there are some useful tips and pieces of advice that can help.  Below, we’re going to discuss how to judge a man’s character.

Although the tips below aren’t entirely scientific, they should be able to help you cull through the douchebags and pricks.  When it comes to judging a man’s character, it is often best to view him in a candid, real-life scenario.  Observing how he interacts and treats others, particularly when he has nothing to gain, will not only help. You to judge a man’s character but will also tell you what kind of person he really is.

Why Judge a Man’s Character?

While learning how to judge a man’s character, you may ask yourself why it is worth it to judge a man’s character.  This is a valid question and one you should answer and ascertain before reading below.  Now, there can be a plethora of reasons why someone may want to learn how to judge a man’s character.

For instance, perhaps there is a romantic interest or spark that you are interested in pursuing.  Alternatively, perhaps you are conducting business with this particular man.  Additionally, you could be “scoping” out this man for a friend or may have been recently introduced to him as a potential partner.

Whatever the reason, learning how to judge a man’s character can save you a lot of time, money, and potential heartache.  Getting to understand who a man really is before continuing on your professional or personal relationship will help you to trust them and build a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

When it comes to judging a man’s character, you should look to ensure that, that man is not only an upstanding citizen, but also honest, reliable, a man of his word, and competent in his basic duties.  In addition, you will want to judge his kindness and compassion, particularly towards those less fortunate than himself.

How to Judge a Man’s Character

Is he Quick to Anger?

One of the easiest ways to judge a man’s character is to ascertain whether or not he is quick to anger.  Now, sure, we all get angry, upset, and in some instances, infuriated at a situation.  But, as mature, calm adults, we are typically able to control our anger at smaller, less intense situations.

However, if you are looking to judge a man’s character and see that he is often quick to anger, then that can be a sign of underlying issues.  While men, in general, are thought of as the “angrier” sex, that is no excuse for sudden, unwarranted outbursts.

Who Are His Friends?

Want to learn how to judge a man’s character?  Then see who his friends are.  Many guys are close to their friends, confiding in them, leaning on them, and just hanging out with them after a long day or week.  These friendships are typically built over years and are difficult to break.

As-such, these friendships typically rooted in common interests, likes, and shared experiences.  While there can certainly be outliers, on the whole, a man’s friend group is typically similarly aligned.  If his friends are of the wrong crowd, then he probably is too.

Again, we’re not saying to write off an entire group based off a few bad apples.  However, if you notice that most of his friends are mean, act in an immature and childish manner, and generally speak poorly of others, then you can bet that so does the man you are judging.

How to Judge a Man’s Character

How Does He Act Towards Those Who Cannot Help Him?

Unfortunately, many people are inherently selfish and looking to gain an advantage in any situation.  A true way to judge a man’s character, however, is to see how he treats and acts towards those who cannot help him.  In particular, how does he act towards someone in a lesser or more vulnerable position than himself?

Is he kind?  Is he courteous?  Does he say thank you and attempt to help?  If he doesn’t, this may be a sign of a poor character.  A man who is not kind, courteous, or helpful can be extremely selfish and should be cautioned against.

How Does He Speak of Others?

We, as humans, are naturally social creatures.  We like to engage with others, speak with people, and socialize.  However, when it comes to judging a man’s character, you should listen to what he speaks of.  A mature man, one of good character, does not speak ill of others.  He is kind even towards people who aren’t kind to him, and he gives others excuses for their faults, even if no excuse is given to him.

How to Judge a Man’s Character

How Does He Speak of His Things?

We all like having nice things.  Whether it’s a brand-new car, a tailored, fitted suit, or an apartment in an enviable part of town.  Whatever it may be, some material items are nice, and it feels good to indulge in things we each like.  However, when it goes from personal enjoyment to outright braggadocio, then it’s best to stay away.  A great way to judge a man’s character is to see how humble he is and a man who boasts about the things he has and owns is a man of poor character.

Does He Call His Parents?

Now, we’re not asking you to judge his relationship with his parents.  But, when you are looking to judge a man’s character as a potential significant other, it is important to see how he treats his parents.  Is he respectful, courteous, and does he maintain proper boundaries?  These are all important character traits in a man and will help you to prepare for a relationship with him.

Is His Apartment Clean? 

The stereotype that men are dirty, sloppy, and generally messy needs to end.  Sure, maybe in the fourth-grade boys may be a bit messier than girls, but a sign of maturity and good character is the ability to take care of the things you own.   If you get a chance to go to a man’s apartment or room, see if he keeps it clean and tidy.


While there is no scientific way to fully judge a man’s character, overall, you will have to see how he acts in real-life situations and scenarios.  How does he act in large groups?  How does he speak of others?  Who are his friends?  Lumped together, you will be able to get a better idea of a man and begin to understand his character.