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How to Be an (Almost) Perfect Man

How to Be an (Almost) Perfect Man

How to Be an (Almost) Perfect Man

So, you’re looking to be a perfect man.  Well then, you’ve come to the right place.  Being a man isn’t easy and being a perfect man is even more difficult.  While we won’t pretend that anyone is perfect, we will attest to the fact that all of us has weaknesses and faults which could be improved.

Men are, after all, human.  Human’s make mistakes, they show weakness,they cry.  But what differentiates a man from a boy are the steps he takes after failing and after making a mistake.  If you want to be a perfect man or if you want to be a better man, here are some simple, easy to follow tips to help guide you on your journey.

Workout Daily

We’ve read the research and understand that daily strenuous workouts aren’t ideal for muscle growth and may in fact contribute to a decrease in overall longevity.  That’s why we recommend divvying your workout routine throughout the week.

Focus on strenuous, heavy-hitting workouts a few times a week.  But don’t let yourself falter on your off days.  Be sure to go for a short walk, a quick swim, or any other cardio activity that’s easy on the joints and the mind.

Dress Well Daily

The gym shorts in your closet paired with your old college alma mater t-shirt may be tempting to wear.  But day-in and day-out, you should dress to impress and dress in a way that exudes professionalism, confidence, and style.  As the old adage goes, dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to include a buttoned-down shirt.  With business-casual wear being more mainstream and fashionable, you are afforded more freedom in what you wear without limiting yourself to a few outfits.

Take a Shower, Everyday

There’s nothing more off-putting than a putrid, rancid smell.  While you may not be able to smell yourself, others around you can.  Don’t start a conversation off on the wrong foot by not taking care of your basic hygiene.  Showering daily is a must.

Keep Yourself Well Groomed

Showering everyday alone isn’t enough.  Be sure to keep your beard tidy and trimmed, your nails neat and clean, and your teeth white and brushed.  Whether you want the girl or the job, make sure you look presentable.

Invest in Yourself

Just because you’re not in school anymore doesn’t mean you don’t have things left to learn.  Be sure to invest in yourself daily.  Take up a writing course, read the news, pick-up a book, or learn a new hobby.  There’s so much to see in the world, so don’t limit yourself.


While us men often extol the virtues of working out and building muscle, we often overlook mental health and wellbeing. Mental health is an important aspect of our daily lives and meditation has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress.

In addition to meditation, you may want to try your hands at yoga. In addition to the increased flexibility, yoga provides a wide-range of health benefits, including strength, balance, and better sleep.

Treat Women Better

Whether within your friends’ group, at work, or at home, the women in. your life should be treated with the utmost level of respect, compassion, and understanding.  Stop treating women as objects and begin seeing them as peers and equals.

Save Some Money

We live in a commercialized, hyper-commodified society.  Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a newer car model, really ask yourself if you need it.  While we don’t encourage self-indulgence, be sure to have a safety net and then some for life’s ups-and-downs.

Debt Isn’t Cool

You know what’s cooler than a new car, not paying 24.99% interest on your maxed out credit cards.  If you’re still trying to catch-up on old debts, don’t add new ones.

Be a Thoughtful Partner

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or looking to get into one, be sure you’re a thoughtful, caring partner.  Check-in throughout the day, surprise them with gifts, and be attentive to their needs.  Believe me, your partner will be grateful for it.

Don’t Rush Sex

Foreplay is an important part of the process – especially for women.  Don’t be selfish and take care of her needs before jumping in.

Clean Your House

A clean house leads to a clean mind.  Keep your house clean and be more productive and clear-headed throughout the day.  In fact, be sure to extend this mindset to all aspects of your life.  Whether it’s your home, your car, or your office, keep them clean and tidy and watch as your productivity skyrockets.

Start Something

Whether it’s a business, a non-profit, a charity, a website, or a hobby, just start something.  You have 24-hours in the day, be sure to utilize each one to the fullest extent.  You don’t want to have regrets on things you didn’t do.

Get Better Sleep

Put down the booze and get some rest.  Sleep is essential to peak performance and should not be skimped on.  Be sure to get a full night’s sleep each night and wake up rested and ready to take on the day. 

Some basic sleep tips include putting down your phone at least an hour before you go to bed, sleeping at the same time each day to help develop a sleep routine, and avoid naps throughout the day to better help you fall asleep at night.

Call People

In the age of texting and social media, it can be difficult to vocally keep in touch.  Too often, we send digital messages and texts instead of picking up the phone and having real conversations.  One of the best ways to be a better man is to learn how-to pick-up the phone and actually have a conversation.

Use Lotion and Moisturizers

Lotions aren’t just for women.  Don’t look like you just came from the desert and start using lotion and moisturizers daily.  Your skin is a reflection of yourself and taking care of your skin will go a long way in the future.

Don’t Be Afraid of Commitment

Nothing is sexier than a man who knows what he wants.  Whether you’ve been dating for a decade or just know, don’t be afraid to commit fully and wholeheartedly. Nothing is worse than a man who strings people along for their own gain.

Stand by Your Commitments

Whether you promised a good friend to help them move or your colleague an important document, be sure to stand by your commitments and promises.  A man who doesn’t stand by his word is a dishonest one and nothing is more off-putting than a dishonest man.

Join the Gym

You only have one body.  Joining the gym will not only help to increase your confidence but can also help you in bed.  Joining the gym doesn’t have to be daunting, with so many different gym options and tier levels, you can start at your own pace.  Looking for gym workout and nutrition advice?  Definitely check-out Muscle and Strength’s workout plans.

Drink Less

There’s nothing better than crack opening a cold one after a long day.  And while we’re not saying to completely abstain from alcohol, we would encourage refraining from overindulging in alcohol.  Increased alcohol usage can lead to certain cancers, heart muscle damage, stroke, high blood pressure, and liver disease to name a few.

Get Out of Your Bubble

Comfort is deceptive.  It’s difficult to reach but can be detrimental to long-term health and growth.  While we encourage indulging in comfort, on occasion, you should be careful to not get too comfortable in any one situation, lest that comfort become permanent, and you stagnate towards your goals.

Try to Improve Daily

Trying to be a perfect man doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, you should take small steps each day to improve and be a better person overall.

Be Thankful

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best ways on how to be a better man is to be thankful. There’s much to be thankful for and it takes a mature man to look around and remain thankful for their life and optimistic on the future.