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Steven Duncan Ball Are Life Photo

Hey, I’m Steven Duncan.

I believe that good health and fitness is not only about how often you work out but how efficiently you do so.

I have been a fitness and sports buff for my entire life. Since I was a kid, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t playing a sport or exploring nature.

I, honestly, love fitness. And perhaps even more so, I love sports. All sports, without any biases or judgments. I love the physical nature of sports, the competitiveness that kicks in during play, the beads of sweat that drip from my forehead.

But I also love the sportsmanship that occurs in a team game. I was an only child growing up. And while I didn’t have any siblings, I always had my team.

But there’s so much more to sports then just placing the ball in the basket or crossing it over a line. There’s statistics and probabilities. In college, at Rutgers University, I double-majored in economics and statistics.

I love the probabilistic nature of sports. I love reading and reviewing stats. I love diving deep into the nuances.

Here at Ball Are Life, I want to share my love of sports and fitness with you. I want to share the insights I see and I hope you’ll share yours with me. Sports are, inherently, a team event. And, so too, I hope this website will be a shared effort.

What is Ball Are Life?

Ball Are Life is a play on the words, “baller life”. And while that’s not a typical phrase, we believe it fully encapsulates the information we hope to provide on this site. Ball Are Life, is at its core, a site about sports, the great outdoors, and an active lifestyle.

But even more so, Ball Are Life looks to provide advice and support on mental and physical health. We offer support on healthy living and self-improvement. Being an athlete or looking to better yourself physically doesn’t occur in a vacuum.

Rather, bettering yourself physically also means bettering yourself mentally and becoming a more whole human.

We welcome you to Ball Are Life and hope that the advice, support, and articles contained here will help you to become a better, more whole individual. It takes time, it takes effort, it’s not easy. But you’ll be thankful you took the first step and the journey.