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How to Work and Find Time to Play Basketball

How to Work and Find Time to Play Basketball

How to Work and Find Time to Play Basketball

As we get older, life simply finds a way to get in the way.  Between work, a spouse, and kids, it can be harder and harder to find the time to play basketball.  In fact, many of us wonder if it is possible to even find the time to play the sport we so dearly love.

However, below, we’re going to provide you with five simple ways on how to work and find time to play basketball.  With these suggestions, we hope that you will be able to still get in some time on the basketball court while still maintaining your work and responsibilities.

Wake Up Earlier

Perhaps one of the best ways to find time to play basketball between work and other responsibilities is to simply wake up earlier.  While, admittedly, none of us enjoy waking up early, doing so may give you some alone time where you can practice and play basketball without the distractions of life.

In fact, many great NBA players, including Kobe Bryant, were known for their commitment to waking up early and starting practice while others were still sleeping.

Bryant once famously quipped, “You wake up at 3, train at 4. 4-6.  Come home, eat breakfast, and relax.  Now you’re back at it again from 9-11.  Relax and back at it again from 2-4.  Now you’re back at it again from 7-9.  By year 5 and 6, it doesn’t matter what kind of work they do in the summer – they’re never gonna catch up.”

While we may not be able to commit that level of time into our basketball game, Kobe Bryant makes a great point.  In order to get your basketball practice and routine done, you need to be willing to wake up before everyone else and train.

Practice During Lunch

With more and more corporate jobs allowing employees to work from home, you may begin to find yourself having the time to practice basketball during the day.  If you are working from home, then a great time to practice basketball may be during your lunch break.

While you may want to be careful to not get too sweaty or worn out, practicing your shooting and free-throw abilities during your lunch break is a great way to get in some practice during the day.

Join a Recreational League at Work

Odds are, if you are looking for ways to find time to play basketball with your workload, then others are probably looking to do the same.  See if anyone else in your office or at your place of work would be interested in joining a recreational league or playing some scrimmage basketball.

Not only will this help you to get in your basketball practice, but you will also deepen your bonds and friendships with the people you work with.  These scrimmages should be fun and enjoyable and will allow you to discuss any important issues at work while enjoying the game.

Make it a Family Event

Many adults find it difficult to find the time to play basketball due to their work responsibilities and their responsibilities at home.  However, practicing and playing basketball doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor.

Rather, make it a family event.  Invite your spouse and kids to come along and play together.  Not only will you be able to get in your basketball practice, but you will also teach your kids the sport and develop their love for basketball.

In addition, bringing your kids to the basketball court will help to develop their own basketball skills, fundamentals, and game.  Teaching kids good, healthy habits will also put them on the right path in their life and help them with their competitive spirit.

Listen to Basketball Podcasts

While listening to basketball podcasts is not the same as actually playing, it can definitely help you improve your game.  There are a plethora of basketball themed podcasts which not only review NBA news, scores, and highlights but also podcasts which teach basketball fundamentals and help you to improve your own game.

Some great basketball podcasts include, The Lowe Post, The Woj Pod, and The Full 48.

Watch Basketball Film and Fundamental Videos

Again, while this isn’t exactly a way to play more basketball, it is a way to help your basketball game.  With the rise of YouTube and internet video, it is easier than ever to find the exact thing you are searching for. 

If you are looking to get better at the sport and be a better basketball player, then you must watch basketball film and tapes.

These videos will not only help you to increase your basketball understanding and IQ, but they will also teach you more advanced plays and offensive and defensive schemes. 

In addition, you may also consider watching your own practice tapes, looking to see which areas of your game need improvement.

Take a Day Off

While not all of us have the luxury to take a day off from work, we would highly recommend you do so if you are feeling tired, anxious, or frustrated.

Mental health is a real issue and basketball is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.  While you do not need to commit the entire day to playing basketball, be sure to block off a few hours to play and get in your basketball practice.