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List of NBA Jersey Sponsors (2021-2022 Season)

List of NBA Jersey Sponsors (2021-2022 Season)

List of NBA Jersey Sponsors (2021-2022 Season)

In 2017, the National Basketball Association began to officially allow sponsorship patches on players jerseys.  This was done after a 2012 investigation by the Sponsorship Research Firm, or SRI, to determine whether the NBA would be able to add patches to NBA players’ jerseys and at what cost.

Below, we are going to go through the definitive list of NBA jersey sponsors for the 2021-2022 season and take a look at how this sponsorship opportunity has both impacted the game and the sponsors for each specific team in the league.

Why Did the NBA Begin Allowing Sponsorship Patches?

The NBA began discussing placing sponsorship patches on players jerseys as early as 2012.  It has been reported that this discussion and implementation was directed by the NBA commissioner Adam Silver himself.  Since the 2017 season, NBA sponsorship patches have been commonplace on nearly all NBA teams.

While the reasoning for allowing sponsorship patches on players jerseys is varied, ultimately, doing so was a way to increase total operating revenue for the NBA league.  Since rollout, the sponsorship patches have generated in excess of 150-million dollars to the league per year.

From this 150-million-dollar pool, team owners are expected to keep half.  The additional half of  the pool is to be added to the revenue-sharing structure in place, which is divvied up amongst all the teams.

The jersey patches, while somewhat controversial, are only 2.5-inches by 2.5-inches in total length.  In fact, the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, stated,

“It’s manifest destiny.  So, let’s begin by saying this isn’t going to affect the competition.  What we’re talking about is a patch on the jersey.  And one of the reasons we want to do it is that it creates an additional investment in those companies in the league.

The amplification we get from those sponsors, those marketing partners of the league, who want to attach to our teams and our players.  But once they put their name on the jerseys, they’ll then use their media to promote the NBA extensively.  That’s probably the greatest reason for us to do it.” 

Who is the Official Jersey Provider for the NBA?

While tangentially related, the official jersey provider for the NBA is Nike.  Nike initially began making jerseys for certain teams in 1997.  However, in 2017, Nike signed an eight-year apparel deal with the league and became the official endorsement partner of the NBA.

With this 2017 signing, Nike became the official jersey provider for all NBA teams.  While exact terms were not released, it has been reported that Nike paid a whopping 1-billion dollars to become the official provider of jerseys to the NBA.

With this deal, Nike is not only allowed to sell official, authentic NBA gear to fans, but they also are able to emblazon their logo, the iconic Nike Swoosh, on each and every jersey worn by a player on the court and on the bench.

In addition to being the official jersey provider of the NBA, Nike controls more than 90% of the U.S. basketball shoe market at retail.  This is done by not only smart marketing and advertising but by also having some high-name endorsement deals with NBA superstars, including Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Russell Westbrook.

The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, also noted, “This partnership with Nike represents a new paradigm in the structure of our global merchandising business.  As our exclusive on court apparel provider, Nike will be instrumental in our collective efforts to grow the game globally while applying the latest in technology to the design of our uniforms and on court products.”

Quick History of NBA Jersey Licenses

  • Late 1980’s through the 1990’s – Champion is responsible for all NBA uniforms.  It was during this time that Michael Jordan requested longer NBA shorts to be worn.  His request would be honored and would be mandated throughout the league.
  • 1997 – Nike joins Champion as the manufacturers of NBA jerseys
  • 1999-2001 – Puma joins Champion and Nike in providing official NBA jerseys to teams
  • 2001-2002 – Reebok joins to provide NBA jerseys to specific teams
  • 2002-2003 – Reebok takes over Champion’s NBA jersey license
  • 2004-2005 – Reebok takes over Nike’s NBA jersey license
  • 2006-2017 – Adidas replaces Reebok as the official provider of all NBA jerseys
  • 2017-2025 – Nike replaces Adidas as the official provider of all NBA jerseys

The 2017 takeover by Nike occurred when executives at both Adidas and the NBA were unable to agree to specific terms, ending the contract, and allowing Nike an opportunity to become the official, sole provider of NBA jerseys.

NBA Patch Sponsors by Team

  • Atlanta Hawks – Sharecare (between $5-10 million per year for three years)
    • Sharecare is an Atlanta, Georgia-based health and wellness company that provides consumers with personalized information, programs, and resources to improve their health.
  • Boston Celtics – Vistaprint (unknown)
    • Vistaprint is a Dutch e-commerce company that produces physical and digital marketing products.
  • Brooklyn Nets – Webull (unknown)
    • Webull is an electronic trading platform that offers commission free trading of stocks and options.
  • Charlotte Hornets – Lending Tree (unknown)
    • Lending Tree is an online lending marketplace headquartered in the United States.
  • Chicago Bulls – Zenni Optical (unknown)
    • Zenni Optical is an online eyewear and glasses company
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company ($10 million over three-years)
    • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a company that provides vehicle tires
  • Dallas Mavericks – Chime (unknown)
    • Chime is an online marketplace which provides consumer and business lending solutions.
  • Denver Nuggets – Western Union ($5-10 million annually)
    • Western Union is a money services company which provides and facilitates sending of funds between individuals.
  • Detroit Pistons – United Wholesale Mortgage (unknown)
    • United Wholesale Mortgage is a commercial and residential mortgage provider in the United States
  • Golden State Warriors – Rakuten ($20 million per year for three-years)
    • Rakuten is an e-commerce website located in Japan.
  • Houston Rockets – Credit Karma (unknown)
    • Credit Karma is a consumer centric financial services company
  • Indiana Pacers – Motorola (unknown)
    • Motorola is an American consumer electronics and telecommunications company.
  • Los Angeles Clippers – Honey (unknown)
    • Honey is a company headquartered in Los Angeles, California which provides browser extensions which automatically look for coupons on eligible online purchases for consumers.
  • Los Angeles Lakers – bibigo ($100 million for five-years)
    • bibigo is a global brand created by CJ, Korea’s #1 lifestyle company. The brand takes 5,000 years of delicious cuisine and revamps the recipes to fit today’s modern, non-stop lifestyles.
  • Memphis Grizzlies – FedEx (unknown)
    • FedEx is a global shipping provider and is based in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Miami Heat – Ultimate Kronos Group (unknown)
    • Ultimate Kronos Group is a workforce management and human capital management solutions company.
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Motorola (unknown)
    • Motorola is an American consumer electronics and telecommunications company.
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – Aura (unknown)
  • Aura is an all-in-one digital, financial, and identity risk solution for consumers.
  • New Orleans Pelicans – Ibotta (unknown)
    • Ibotta is an American mobile technology company that enables users with a smartphone to earn cash back on in-store, mobile app, and online purchases.
  • New York Knicks Squarespace (unknown)
    • Squarespace is an online marketplace which makes building and maintaining a website simple and easy.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores (unknown)
    • Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores operates more than 500 truck stops and convenience stores in 41 states in the United States.
  • Orlando Magic – Walt Disney World (unknown)
    • Walt Disney World is an entertainment resort complex located in Orlando, Florida.
  • Philadelphia 76ers – StubHub ($5 million annually for three-years)
    • StubHub is an online marketplace to buy and sell concert, sports, and other event tickets.
  • Phoenix Suns – PayPal (unknown)
    • PayPal is an American company which operates an online payment system.
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Biofreeze (unknown)
    • Biofreeze is a line of products which provide cool patches and sprays to joints and muscles and is aimed at athletes to help reduce pain.
  • Sacramento Kings – Dialpad (unknown)
  • Dialpad is a cloud communication platform that makes it easier to call and collaborate with team’s
  • San Antonio Spurs – Frost Bank (unknown)
    • Frost Bank is a bank based in San Antonio, Texas that provides consumer and business lending solutions.
  • Toronto Raptors – Sun Life Financial ($5-7 million annually)
    • Sun Life Financial is a Canadian financial services company; it is primarily known as a life insurance company.
  • Utah Jazz – Qualtrics ($4 million annually for three-years)
    • Qualtrics is an American experience management company. Interestingly, the Utah Jazz jersey’s don’t feature a Qualtrics logo. Rather, Qualtrics donated the logo to 5 for the Fight, which encourages people to donate $5 to fight cancer.
  • Washington Wizards – Geico (unknown)
    • Geico is an American insurance company, providing a variety of differing insurance solutions to businesses and consumers.

Will the NBA Ever End the Patch Sponsorship Program?

While, initially, there was some backlash to the sponsorship program, those fears have significantly subsided and are no longer a main concern.  As such, it is highly unlikely that the NBA would end the sponsorship program.  With the increased revenue stream and the relatively small size of the patches, they are probably here to stay in the league.

Will the NBA Introduce New Sponsorship Opportunities?

While there haven’t been any public disclosures, it is highly likely that the NBA and the league as a whole are looking for new sponsorship opportunities.  Due to the increased revenue opportunities and high demand for sponsorships, the NBA is uniquely positioned to introduce these offerings within the next 5-10 years.