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Why You Should Record All Your Basketball Shots

Why You Should Record All Your Basketball Shots

Why You Should Record All Your Basketball Shots

We’ve previously discussed how many shots you should be attempting per day.  Within that overview, we discussed the need to not only take a minimum number of shots per day but to also ensure that you are utilizing proper form and technique.  In addition, we discussed how it is absolutely critical that you also shoot from different points on the court to become a better all-around shooter.

However, in discussing becoming a better shooter, we didn’t discuss how you can ensure and track your shooting performance.  That is why, below, we are going to discuss why you should record all your basketball shots during a practice session.

How to Record Yourself Shooting

The basketball shot is one of the most fundamental and deadly offensive weapons you can utilize.  It can destroy an opposing team’s momentum, can seal the victory, and can be a game winning, last-second shot to win the game.

However, in order to become a better shooter, you will also need to understand how to shoot better.  While this can be done with the help of a basketball coach or a teammate, many times you may find yourself practicing alone and will need the assistance of a recording device to track your shot attempts and find the weak points in your shot.

One of the simplest ways to record yourself practicing shot attempts is with your smartphone.  Many smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices shoot in high-quality, 4K definition, ensuring that you get crisp, high-definition videos each time.

If you opt to use your smartphone to capture your shot attempts, then a simple tripod accessory will be all you need to properly position the phone towards the court. 

We have tested and recommend the Andobil 60” Smartphone Tripod.  A top and best seller on Amazon, this tripod is versatile, lightweight, and flexible for your needs.  Designed with a detachable structure, this tripod can be converted into a handheld selfie stick for other purposes.

In addition, this tripod comes with a remote control to take still photos while an iPhone or smartphone is attached.

Why You Should Record All Your Basketball Shots

How to Shoot a Basketball Properly Every Time

The basketball shot is one of the deadliest weapons an offensive player can deploy.  It can catch a defender off-guard, can break the opposing team’s streak, and can be the nail in the coffin at the end of the game.  A clutch shot at the end of the game can also be a direct blow to the opposing team’s confidence and morale.

But learning how to shoot effectively, and to do so with every shot, takes practice.

When it comes to learning how to shoot a basketball properly and perfectly, simply follow these steps outlined below.

Begin with your stance.  You should keep your feet no further than shoulder width apart and they should be slightly staggered.  In addition, you should keep your shooting foot, that is the foot that is aligned with your shooting hand, slightly ahead of your non-shooting foot.

With proper stance, you should also have your shoulders, hips, and elbows aligned to the basket.  This will make the shot easier and give you more direction as to where you should shoot the ball.

While in a shooting stance, never keep your knees locked.  Doing so will not only lead to a higher chance of you falling but also won’t give you the force from your lower body to propel the shot.

As you begin your shot attempt, keep your body turned to the air and jump forward with the ball.

Speaking of the ball, you should also ensure that the ball is properly positioned for a shot. Holding the ball down by your waist, your hands should be holding the ball neatly and snugly.

Lift the ball up near your face, with your dominant hand slightly cupping the underbody of the ball.  Your non-dominant hand should maintain control of the ball and keep it aligned to the basket.

Once in a shooting motion, focus on the basket or backboard where you want to shot to land.  You may opt directly for the rim or the backboard for a bank shot.  As you release, flick your dominant hand’s wrist with the ball and maintain follow-through by keeping your arm in the air as the ball floats towards the rim.

Land squarely on your feet.  Watch where the ball lands and either hustle to grab the offensive rebound or back to a defensive stance.  Ideally, you will have time to get back on defense with a made shot.

You Have to Have Examples to Improve

One of the main reasons you will want to record all your basketball shots, particularly during practice and while you practice your shot, is to have comparison photos and videos.  While you may feel that your shot has improved, only by having previous shots and videos of you shooting around can you verifiably prove that.

Having previous practice videos of yourself will enable you to view your shooting form and to keep a more accurate tally of the number of shots you attempted and the number of shots you made.

Why You Should Record All Your Basketball Shots

You Are Able to Set Personal Goals

Although we’ve discussed previously the total number of shots you should be taking per day, and recommended you take 250 shots per day, some readers may find that number exhaustive and difficult in the beginning. 

That is why recording your shots is so important.  By recording all your shots, you will be able to set personal goals for each practice session.

Whether your goal is to attempt 250 shots, make 70% of your attempted free-throws, or to improve your left-handed layup, recording your shots will help you to reach your goals.

You Will be Able to Identify the Weak Points in Your Shot

Shooting is an art form.  Not only does it require proper form and technique, but it also requires discipline and proper follow-through after the ball is released.

By recording yourself shooting a basketball, you will be able to identify which areas of your shot need improvement and work.  You will then be able to work on those individual areas and improve how you shoot.