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Why is Rebounding Important in Basketball?

Why is Rebounding Important in Basketball?

Why is Rebounding Important in Basketball?

Many basketball games are won or lost by the rebound.  Poor team rebounding skills can lead to less overall possession of the ball by a team and also gives the opposing team additional opportunities to score a basket. 

Similarly, a team that is strong in their ability to secure either offensive or defensive rebounding opportunities gives themselves more time with the ball and additional chances to score a basket.

Below, we are going to explain just why rebounding is so important in basketball and in a basketball game and what steps you and your teammates can take to improve your rebounding abilities.

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What is a Rebound?

In the simplest terms, a rebound is when a player takes possession of the basketball after a missed shot attempt.  This possession can occur after an offensive or defensive sequence and will be counted as one rebound.  The secured rebound is added to a player’s overall game stats and a single rebound can only be added to one individual players stats.

That is a rebound cannot be shared amongst a group of players.

Rather, the first player to touch and secure the basketball after a missed shot attempt will be awarded an additional rebound stat.

In basketball, there are two forms of rebounds possible.  The offensive and the defensive rebound.

The defensive rebound is, typically, easier to grab and secure than the offensive rebound.  This is due to the positioning of defensive players when an opposing player makes a shot attempt.

Due to their positioning closer to the rim, and in a boxed-out formation, the defensive team typically secures the rebound a majority of the time.

However, if an offensive player, whether the shooter himself or another player on the offensive team, secures the rebound after a missed shot attempt, then it will be counted as an offensive rebound.  An offensive rebound allows the offensive team to remain on the side of the court where they will be shooting the ball.

Although there are two different types of rebounds, the overall stat classification of a rebound will be added together.  For example, if a player secured 6 defensive rebounds and 2 offensive ones, their total rebounds for the game will be 8.

Why is Rebounding Important in Basketball?

How to Rebound a Basketball Off a Missed Shot?

While the idea of rebounding a basketball is inherently simple, there are many techniques and forms that can go into it. 

By far the most used rebounding technique is the box out.

To perform a box out, an individual player should position themselves between an opposing player and the rim.  Leaving sufficient space to secure the ball off the miss, the player should squat low in front of the opposing player, utilizing their backside to push the player back.

With arms raised to the side, the player will have effectively boxed out the opposing player, limiting their ability to maneuver past them to grab the ball.  In addition, any attempt to secure the ball over a player who is in a box out position will result in a foul and a personal foul will be assessed.

Another great way to rebound the basketball is to follow the trajectory of the basketball after the ball has left the fingertips of the shooter.  By watching the ball and anticipating the direction and landing point of the ball against the rim, you will be able to hustle and position yourself to where the missed shot will land.

Lastly, another great rebounding technique is the team box out.  In this instance, multiple members on a team will box out the opposing players, leaving sufficient room and space for a teammate to grab the basketball off a missed shot attempt.

How to Practice Rebounding Drills?

While simulations and practice are great ways to build experience, the only true way to become a better rebounder is to play a game of basketball and to learn how to box out and position yourself to where the ball is likely to land.

However, there are still a few drills and workouts you can complete to become a better rebounder.

One of the better ones is the backboard slam.

In this drill, simply line up beneath the backboard.  Holding the basketball in two hands, jump up and slam the basketball against the back of the backboard.  Repeat this motion continuously for 30-seconds.  Rest for an additional 30-seconds and repeat.

This is a great rebounding drill as it helps to teach jumping techniques and improves your pace of the game.

In addition,  another great rebounding technique is to simply shoot the ball from any point on the court and to hustle to grab and secure the rebound before it lands on the floor.

Lastly, a great rebounding drill is to run 2×2 or 3×3’s.  With one team on offense and the other team on defense, have a coach or assistant coach inbound the ball to an offensive player.  Wherever the offensive player receives the ball, they must shoot from that position. 

The defensive team must attempt to secure the rebound and will be awarded one-point for doing so.   However, if the offensive team either scores or secures the rebound, they will be awarded one-point.  The first team to reach five total points wins.

Why is Rebounding Important in Basketball?
Basketball shot.

So, Why is Rebounding Important?

In simple terms, rebounds win games.  By securing a defensive rebound, you are giving your team an opportunity with the ball and a chance to score and increase your lead or decrease the opposing teams lead.  Similarly, securing an offensive rebound provides your team with an additional opportunity to score a basket.

In addition, securing either an offensive or defensive rebound, particularly towards the end of a game or in a tight matchup can be an easy way to secure the win and a demotivating sequence of events for the opposing team.

Similarly, securing a rebound can lead to a fast-break opportunity. By grabbing the rebound and moving the ball up court quickly, you can catch the opposing team off-guard and score an easy layup.

Lastly, rebounds are important in basketball because they show a team’s grit, hustle, and motivation to win.  While you won’t be able to secure every offensive or defensive rebound, hustling and attempting to grab as many rebounds as possible will put you and your team in the right mental state for the game and will help you to win the game.