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Most Important Things to Remember When Shooting a Basketball

Most Important Things to Remember When Shooting a Basketball

Most Important Things to Remember When Shooting a Basketball

At its core, basketball is a game that is won and lost by the team with the better shooting ability.  And, while, defense, communication, passing, and teamwork are essential components, it is the shooting ability of the players that can provide a significant boost to a team’s overall confidence and ability.

That is why, below, we are going to discuss the most important things to remember when shooting a basketball.  These core lessons will not only help you to be a better shooter and scorer but will also help your team secure more points than the opposition to ensure success.

Practice Makes Perfect

The old adage that practice makes perfect holds true when it comes to shooting ability.  Great players of the game are only as great as the time they are willing to dedicate on the court between games and practice.  It is, therefore, of utmost importance to ensure you put in the time needed each day to practice your shot.

Practicing your basketball shot may seem simple, at first.  However, when it comes to becoming an all-star shooter, practicing your basketball shot requires you to not only practice the shots you are comfortable with, but also shots that you are not comfortable with.

This means taking shots from areas of the court that are further than your comfort zone and shots that you may find particularly difficult.  While most players assume this to mean shots beyond the three-point arc, it can also include shots within the perimeter of the rim.

Don’t forget, great shooters are made, not born.  No-one is born with the knowledge on how to shoot a basketball.  But with determination, perseverance, and hard work, you can develop your shot and gain the confidence needed to take the game winning bucket.

Eyes on the Target

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to shooting a basketball is to always keep your eyes on the target.  In this case, the target is the rim of the basketball hoop.  It is important, as an offensive player, to always know where the basket is in relation to your own position on the court.

Having this awareness will not only help you when it comes to taking a shot but will also come in handy for when you are looking to drive to the basket, to grab a rebound, or to find your teammate cutting to the basket.

However, when you are looking to take a shot, you should have your focus solely on the basket.  You should be focused on your shot and the effort to make the shot.  In addition, keeping your eyes on the target will help you to avoid the nervousness of defenders attempting to block or thwart your shot.

Balance and Stance

When taking a shot on the court, whether a stationary one or a jump shot, you should ensure that your balance and shot are both stable and aligned.  While this is particularly easy during a free throw, it can be much more difficult with a jump shot.

However, even when taking a jump shot, you should attempt to ensure that your balance and stance are established before beginning the jump shot.  Not only will this help you with maintaining proper positioning and keeping your eyes on the target but establishing proper balance and stance will provide you with proper form throughout the shot.

Utilize Your Shot Pocket

Many basketball players do not know the term shot pocket.  A shot pocket is the area where a player is supposed to bring the ball before they shoot the ball.  Typically, the shot pocket should be maintained to form a perfect shot process and movement.

In addition, utilizing your shot pocket will help you develop shooting muscle memory.  That means that you will be more adept at learning how to receive the ball and shoot it in one fluid, seamless manner.  This will be particularly helpful when you need to get off a quick shot and when you see the defense beginning to swarm on your position. on the court.

Maintain Proper Ball Handling

One of the most important things to remember when shooting a basketball is that you must maintain proper ball handling before beginning the shot.  While this may seem obvious, all too often we see players incorrectly holding the ball before letting off the shot.

Not only is this incorrect but not holding or maintaining the ball properly before letting off a shot will likely lead to a missed shot.  Ideally, you should hold the ball with both hands.  Your dominant hand should be cupped slightly below the ball, ensuring you maintain proper handling and control.

With your non-dominant hand, maintain a vertical holding of the ball.  Doing so allows you to not only control the ball but to also control the direction in which the shot is made.

In addition, you may find it useful to utilize an anti-sweat powder or cream before a game to ensure proper control and handling of the basketball.

Ensure Proper Ball Delivery

Proper delivery of the ball during and after the shot attempt are of utmost importance.  To do so, you must first begin to receive the ball, or stop your dribble, in a stance that allows for a proper shot.  Keeping your feet slightly widened, begin to bring the ball to your shot pocket.

As you bring the ball to your shot pocket, in one fluid motion, lift the ball up in a shooting formation.  Begin to lift yourself as you enter a jump shot, letting the ball reach an apex in your hands, before letting go and delivering to the basket.

Maintain a follow-through with your wrist once the ball is released.  Land squarely on your feet, watching the ball as it arcs through the air and towards the rim.