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What to Wear to Basketball Practice?

What to Wear to Basketball Practice?

What to Wear to Basketball Practice?

It is often said that you should dress for the job you want and not the one that you currently have.  And, that same mantra can be applied to basketball.  When it comes to understanding what to wear to basketball practice, you should dress to impress and in a fashion that will help you to show your professionalism, maturity, and seriousness.

While a game of practice will require a different outfit then a real game, the choices of what to wear to a basketball practice session aren’t too different and don’t veer too far away from one-another.  Rather, when it comes to practice, you should opt for an outfit that is not only comfortable but also one that is specifically tailored for basketball.


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Practice Outfits Versus Bringing Your Own

It should be noted, from the very beginning, that if your school or team provided you with practice outfits, then you should wear those outfits to each and every practice session. 

Not doing so could lead to disqualification and the inability to participate in a practice session and repeated violations could conclude in your being removed from the team.

However, if you were not provided with a specific practice outfit, then the below guide and recommendations should help you to choose and narrow down what to wear to a basketball practice session.

T-shirt or Jersey?

When it comes to deciding on what to wear to a practice session, there is perhaps no greater question than whether to choose to wear a t-shirt or a jersey.  Personally, we find that there are benefits to both, however, we tend to go with a simple basketball focused t-shirt.

The reason we do so, honestly, is that wearing a team or player’s jersey to practice can be both distracting and off-putting.  If everyone else on the court is wearing simple, solid colors, you don’t want to be the only one to wear a Chicago Bulls, blood-red jersey.

However, the benefit of wearing a jersey to practice is that it will be more similar to what you will be wearing to an actual game.  Being able to practice in a uniform that is similar to what you will also be wearing to the game will have you more comfortable and confident in that uniform.

Personally, when it comes to a t-shirt to wear to practice, we like to opt for the Nike Legend short sleeve tee.  This t-shirt is both comfortable and inconspicuous. It comes in a variety of colors, including black and white, so you can match with other players on the court.

In addition, the Nike Legend short sleeve tee utilizes Nike’s Dri-FIT technology.  This technology ensures a comfortable, moisture-wicking material, which helps to keep you dry and cool.  This is particularly important during strenuous practice sessions where you may be sweating profusely from the exertion.

As a last note, if you do opt to go for a jersey style, do so with an inconspicuous and mundane one.  Don’t wear a team or player’s jersey.  Rather, opt for something simple like the Amazon Muscle Shirt.  While we still recommend a simple t-shirt, this jersey is a great choice and won’t distract from the practice session.

Shorts or Pants?

Another timeless question when it comes to what to wear to a basketball practice session is, shorts or pants?  While both options are acceptable, generally, it is preferred, and our own personal preference, to wear shorts.  Not only are shorts generally more comfortable, but they will also mimic what you can expect to wear during a real game.

However, if you are slightly uncomfortable with wearing shorts or simply do not have proper basketball shorts, then you can and should wear athletic pants. 

Again, we like to go for a simple, stylish, and chic style that is not too distracting or off-putting.  Rather, especially when it comes to a practice setting, we like to choose shorts which are both comfortable and breathable.  For that, we’ve also gone with Nike’s Dri-FIT Icon

While it may appear that there is some favoritism towards Nike here, we can definitively say, after playing basketball for over 20-years, that Nike has truly perfected the athletic wear needed for a basketball session.  And their Nike Dri-FIT collection is by-far the most comfortable and breathable technology we’ve found in a pair of shorts.

However, we would actually be remiss to not mention the Adidas Tastigo 19 shorts.  While, admittedly, not as breathable as the Nike Dri-FIT’s, these shorts are extremely comfortable and provide enough of a width and gap at the end of the short to allow for breathability.

If you are going to opt for basketball pants, then be sure to opt for one that is simple in color and design.  Ideally, black works best in most situations.  However, you can also go for a gray or dark blue color.  We personally recommend the Adidas Tricot Pants.

Socks and Shoes

No basketball uniform is complete, whether for a basketball practice or game, without proper basketball socks and shoes.

When it comes to basketball socks, you will want to choose ones that are made from cotton.  They should be either black or white in color and should match with your overall outfit.  So, if you’re wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts, don’t wear white basketball socks.

Why basketball socks?

Basketball socks not only help to keep your feet cool, but they can help you to keep your feet less fatigues.  In addition, due to their cushioning, basketball socks can help you to avoid blisters on your feet as you run to-and-fro on the basketball court. 

To further help against blisters, you may consider wearing double socks during a basketball game or practice.

Lastly, you will want to be wearing a pair of comfortable, correctly sized basketball shoes.

What is there to say about basketball shoes that hasn’t already been said?

Honestly, basketball shoes are meant to help keep your feet and ankles protected and secure during play.  If you don’t have basketball shoes, you really shouldn’t be playing or practicing without them.  And while basketball shoes are often seen as a fashion statement then a practical piece of clothing, they can quickly add up.

However, we can definitely recommend the Adidas Harden Stepback shoe.  Simple in design, with the signature Adidas three-stripes, these shoes get the job done without breaking the bank.  In addition, if you don’t particularly care for a shoe that has an NBA players name associated to it, we would recommend the Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe.

For more basketball shoe recommendations, check out our review on the best Nike basketball shoes under $50 or the best Nike basketball shoes to buy right now!