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What to Wear to a Golden State Warriors Game?

What to Wear to a Golden State Warriors Game?

What to Wear to a Golden State Warriors Game?

The Golden State Warriors are one of the most popular and successful basketball teams in the NBA. Located in San Francisco, the Golden State Warriors represent the city and all the grit and glory it has come to be known for. And, playing in one of the most famous and expensive stadiums ever built, the Golden State Warriors are often a main attraction for tourists and visitors visiting from out of state or town.

However, whether you’re looking to attend a Warriors game for the first time or are a season ticket holder, understanding what to wear to a Warriors game can be difficult. That’s why, below, we are going to review just what to wear to a Golden State Warriors game to help you better blend in with the home crowd and the players on the court.

What to Wear to a Golden State Warriors Game?

Where Do The Golden State Warriors Currently Play?

The Golden State Warriors currently play their home games at Chase Center. Chase Center is an indoor arena in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Home of the Golden State Warriors, the Chase Center is also occasionally used for the University of San Francisco men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Opened on September 6, 2019, the Chase Center replaced the Oakland Arena in Oakland, where the Warriors had played from 1971. With a total capacity of 18,064 for basketball games, the arena is typically sold out and regularly filled with both diehard and casual Warriors fans.

And, built at a total cost of $1.4 billion, it is one of the most expensive stadiums built in the United States.

Things to Do Around Chase Center

With Chase Center being situated in San Francisco, there are a plethora of activities, restaurants, and excursions to embark on before or after a Warriors game. San Francisco, being one of the most densely populated cities in the country, bears the hallmark of a rich and diverse one and there are plenty of activities to suit your every need.

Below, we are going to list just a few of our favorite excursions and activities which you can embark on.

  • Thy Spa – one of the best massages and spas we have ever gone to, bar none. Thy Spa offers a full-range of beauty, massage, and relaxation options and is a great way to get your day started. Beautifully designed and with a professional staff, you’ll love every minute of your time here.
  • SF Food Tour – the last time we attended a Warriors game was actually our first time in San Francisco, so we naturally had to try a food tour. The SF Food Tour was highly recommended and we were able to explore all the smaller, less-well-known spots the city has to offer.
  • Alcatraz Island – if you’re looking for a unique and different activity to do, definitely consider checking out Alcatraz Island. A small island in San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island was developed in the mid-19th century as a military prison and now serves as a famous tourist destination.

General Weather Conditions in San Francisco, California

Once you’ve found a list of things to do both before and after the Warriors game, it is important to plan your outfit.  

However, doing so requires understanding the general weather conditions and climate in San Francisco and near Chase Center.

Generally, San Francisco has a Mediterranean climate: hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters.

During the NBA season, and for when the Golden State Warriors play at their home stadium, that is between the months of October through June, the weather generally remains within a low of 50-degrees to a high of 71-degrees. 

Of course, these conditions can fluctuate, but generally the weather in San Francisco varies greatly depending on the specific season.

However, being that Chase Center is an indoor stadium, you likely won’t have to succumb to the weather outside the arena for too long. It is still important to dress appropriately for both the game and the outside conditions, which we will help you do below.

Dressing For a Golden State Warriors Game

While there is no specific dress code for attending a Golden State Warriors, or any NBA game, ideally you should look to support the home team. And with the Warriors’ main team colors consisting of royal blue and yellow, it shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate those colors into your outfit.

  • Golden State Warriors Jersey – one of the best, and simplest, outfits to wear to a Golden State Warriors game is a Warriors jersey. And while many fans tend to purchase jerseys of current players, we’re fans of older, throwback jerseys. In particular, we really like the Adidas Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Gold Hardwood Classic Jersey, which features an old-school jersey look and pays homage to one of the NBA’s greatest shooters of all time.
  • Golden State Warriors T-Shirt – while wearing a jersey is a great option, NBA jerseys can be prohibitively expensive for some. If you still want to showcase your team fandom and support, we recommend opting for a simple Warriors t-shirt. We really like the Ultra Game NBA Active Tee Shirt, which comes in a black hue and is emblazoned with the Warriors logo and name on the front. Simple and affordable, it’s a great and easy way to showcase your Warriors fandom without breaking the bank.
  • Golden State Warriors Sweater – for colder days, consider opting for a sweater to the game. And, again, while there is no specific dress code, opting for a Warriors one will help you to feel more in-tune with the home crowd. Personally, we love the Ultra Game NBA Soft Fleece Full Zip Jacket Hoodie, which is extremely warm and comfortable to wear.
  • Golden State Warriors Cap – basketball and caps definitely go hand-in-hand. And although NBA games are played indoors, many fans will continue to wear a cap within the stadium. Personally, we really like the more classic New Era Warriors Stretch Fit Cap, which comes in a gray hue and adds a bit more personality to the cap. For something a bit more modern, we really like the all-yellow New Era 9Forty Adjustable Cap, with the inscription ‘The Bay’ on the front.