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Top Tips to be a More Aggressive Basketball Player

Top Tips to be a More Aggressive Basketball Player

Basketball is a physical, tough, and full-on contact sport.  It takes grit, willpower, and hustle to perform well.  In addition, basketball requires a bit of aggressiveness and combativeness to perform at a peak level.  However, not all players are naturally aggressive, whether on the court or off.

If you are looking to be a better basketball player and are looking to incorporate a bit of aggressiveness in your play, then look no further.  Below, we’re going to discuss the top tips to be a more aggressive basketball player to help you reach your full potential.

Be Mentally and Physically Confident

In order to be aggressive, you need to be confident.  Confidence will not only help you to perform well on the court, but it will also give you the mental boost to believe in yourself and your abilities.  In addition, being confident will help you to act on your basketball instincts and react aggressively to certain situations and obstacles.

Have a “By Any Means Necessary” Attitude

You can’t and will never be able to fully control what happens on the court.  However, you can develop a mindset of, “by any means necessary”.  Instilling this mindset, you will be able to push yourself to attempt to capture every rebound, to go after every loose ball, and to play both tough defense and quick offense.

Set Physical Screens

A great, and easy, way to be a more aggressive basketball player is to set physical, tough screens.  While you don’t want to foul the opposing player, nor do you want to injure them, you should set a physical screen that is difficult to pass and one that firmly cements your stance between the defender and your teammate.

Go After Every Ball Opportunity

If you want to be aggressive and be an instrumental player, then you need to go after the ball on both offense and defense.  Great players do not stand and wait for the ball to come to them.  Rather, they run around the court, looking to get open and make plays for themselves and their teammates.

On the defensive end, being aggressive means always going for the ball.  This can include attempting to steal the ball from the ballhandler to running and diving for a loose ball.  Doing this will not only help you and your team to gain possession of the ball but will also motivate your teammates to do the same.

Be Loud and Tough

If you want to be aggressive on the court, then be loud and tough.  Don’t be embarrassed.  Rather, yell out plays, call for the ball, help your teammates, and warn one-another of incoming screens and defenders from the weak-side.  Whatever needs to be said, say it and say it loudly.

Get Every Rebound

Okay, you’re obviously not going to be able to grab every rebound, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  Being aggressive on the basketball court doesn’t only mean being aggressive with the ball or with your voice.  It also includes being aggressive in how you play.  And going after every rebound is a great way to show your aggressiveness, grit, and willpower.

Up Your Energy Levels

To play aggressive means you have to play with high energy.

Think about the most aggressive players you know.  Whether it is Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant, or Dennis Rodman.  Now think, what type of energy did they bring to each game?  Were they stagnant and simply going through the motions?  Or were they high energy and aggressive, going after every loose ball and playing every play like it was their last?

To up your energy levels, you will need to run faster and harder than other players on the court.  Make quicker, sharper cuts to the basket.  Play closer, more in your face defense.  Whatever you need to do on the court, do it, but do it better.

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Have Your Teammates Back

Now, were not saying or encouraging you to get into a physical confrontation with the opposing team.  But, at the same time, keep a certain level of energy and aggression on the court and don’t let yourself or your teammates be taunted, disrespected, or bullied.

Stand up for yourself and for your teammates.  Have their back and know that they too have yours.  Work together and in tandem with one-another.  Encourage and motivate one-another and work cohesively as a team and a unit.

A Thinking Man is a Dead Man

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it now.

An old coach of mine used to say, that in basketball, “A thinking man is a dead man.”

What he meant by this was that a player who hesitates when presented with an opportunity during the play will be unable to execute on the opportunity.

Similarly, when it comes to being aggressive on the court, just do it.  Don’t overthink or hesitate.  If you need to run for the ball, then run hard.  If you see the ball coming off the rim, then run to grab the rebound.  And if you see an offensive player on the opposing team distracted, then go in for the steal.

Whatever it is, play the game and play it hard and without hesitation.