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The Best Golf Short Game Books

The Best Golf Short Game Books

The Best Golf Short Game Books

Golf is considered one of the most popular sports in the United States.  With nearly 24-million participants in play across the country, it’s no wonder that countless number of books, websites, and articles are written each day on the sport. 

Below, we’re going to discuss the best golf short game books which will help you to improve your short game.

What is a Short Game in Golf?

The short game is one of the most crucial and important parts of the game.  It stands in direct contrast to the long game and generally refers to shots wherein the golfer is located near or on the green itself.  Again, generally, short games can be considered to be shots that are made from within 100-yards.

Having a good and impeccable short game will help a golfer shine when it counts the most.  Being able to finesse and direct the shot from a short distance requires precision and will help the golfer excel when using short clubs.

The Best Golf Short Game Books

Shots That Belong to the Short Game

There are a number of shots that belong to the short game.  These shots often need to be executed flawlessly and will allow for better positioning once completed.  These shots include the pitch, the pitch-and-run, the chip, the chip-in, the bunker shot, and the off-green putt to name a few.

Interested in learning more on shots that belong to the short game?  Check-out this post from Golf Distillery which explains the full list further and more in-depth.

Golf: The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever!

What better resource to learn about golf and the short game then from the editors of Golf Magazine!  Golf: The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever! Is jam-packed with information, tutorials, and how-to’s to better master your short game.  In a few words, it simply contains a wealth of information to better assist you in your short game.

While not only jam-packed with information and techniques, the Golf: The Best Short Game Instruction Book Ever has tons of illustrations and is extremely well-written.  In addition, the book cover is majestic in-of-itself and can be placed on your coffee table or accent desk, showcasing your love for the game.

The Best Golf Short Game Books

Secrets of the Short Game

Any fan of golf is automatically a fan of Phil Mickelson.  The master of the short game, Phil has demonstrated time and time again his flair, precision, and creativity.  His famous ability to putt the ball from within the green has not only garnered him thousands of fans but also made him a 34-time PGA Tour winner.

In this book, Secrets of the Short Game, Phil Mickelson approaches the subject of the short game by stating that any player can become a deadly short-game player by rethinking their approach.  By blending a mix of science and art, Mickelson is able to dispel his years of knowledge and experience.

Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score

What does a former physicist for NASA know about the short game?  Well, it turns out a lot.  Dave Pelz is an internationally recognized and revered golf instructor who can help you noticeably lower your score simply by improving your short game.  His book, Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score is an international bestseller and another hit from the renowned author of Putt Like the Pros.

Dave has a simple philosophy when it comes to mastering the short game.  Simply put, Dave encourages you to find your weakness and improve it with his techniques.  Once you are able to identify what isn’t working for you, you’ll b able to focus on those areas and improve your game.

The Best Golf Short Game Books

The Art of the Short Game: Tour Tested Secrets for Getting Up and Down

Stan Utley has been named the hottest instructor in golf by Sports Illustrated and he looks to take on old-school gurus in his new book, The Art of the Short Game: Tour-Tested Secrets of Getting Up and Down

Stan looks to introduce readers to his revolutionary philosophy, explaining that most players simply do not see all the available shots to them, particularly as they move closer to the green.

Once you begin to notice all available shots, Utley moves on to helping players choose the right clubs, reducing spin during chipping, and how to play in the sand fearlessly.  Well-illustrated and written, Utley approaches the short game in a manner that is helpful and understanding.

Your Short Game Solution: Mastering the Finesse Game from 120 Yards and In

Nearly two decades ago, James Sieckmann revealed his short game methods and strategies.  One player who took his advice jumped 117 spots in the Sand Save rankings – another jumped 81 spots in the Scrambling percentage. 

These improvements have led James to be dubbed the “short game guru to the pros” and he is here with his latest book, Your Short Game Solution, to help you improve yours.

Once you begin reading this book, James goes through the basics before presenting a session-by-session training and practice guide.  This is the same practice and solutions that he provides to his individual clients.  After, James explains how to optimize your swing and to continue to increase your efficiency through practice and reduction of error prone methods.

The Best Golf Short Game Books

From 60 Yards In: How to Master Golf’s Short Game

The short game is arguably the hardest part of golf. Hitting the ball off the tee is easy compared to the recovery shots and touch shots needed to get the ball onto the green and into the hole.

Ray Floyd is an acknowledged master of the short game, and he strongly credits his longtime success to his proficiency form 60 yards in.

In From 60 Yards In, Floyd shares his personal theories on all facets of the short game: pitching, chipping, putting, and more. He describes what has worked for him and some of his colleagues and makes suggestions on how to vary shots depending on the reader’s abilities and tendencies. He relates anecdotes of famous shots that have won for him, offers a wide range of practice exercises, and explains how the pros calmly handle unusual shots that leave duffers perplexed.

In all, this book will increase readers’ golf smarts, bolster their confidence and lower their scores.

Golf’s Short Game For Dummies

About 70 percent of the shots in a round of golf are taken 75 yards from the pin or closer, making the short game the most significant factor in a golfer’s score.

In Golf’s Short Game For Dummies, golfers will find expert tips on choosing the right wedges, putters, and balls, as well as illustrated step-by-step instructions on swings used in short-game shots.

They’ll also find information on how to beat bunkers and other hazards and how to play various lies-in deep rough, from the fairway, uphill, side-hill, and off bare ground.

There’s also a section on stretches, exercises, and drills to improve techniques, as well as tips on reading greens for accurate putting.