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Is Soylent Filling?

Is Soylent Filling?

Is Soylent Filling?

In recent years, several entrepreneurs and start ups in Silicon Valley have set their eyes on the world of food. Looking to replace, at least partially, our dependence on food substances, new entrants into the space are looking to dramatically shift both how we perceive and intake our daily nutritions.

One such start up is Soylent. Founded in 2013, Soylent is looking to dramatically shift consumers behavior and relationship with food.

And, after having tried Soylent ourselves, we wanted to discuss just whether or not Soylent is filling. That is, do you feel full after drinking a pre-packaged bottle of Soylent?

Wondering if Soylent can be used to help you lose weight? Check out our full review here!

Is Soylent Good For Weight Loss?

What is Soylent?

Soylent’s inception began in 2013, when then roommates Rob Rhinehart, Matt Cauble, John Coogan, and David Renteln, frustrated with the same diet of frozen meals and ramen noodles, envisioned a better and less expensive way to meet their daily nutritional needs.

Named Soylent in homage to the novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison, the drinks, bars, and powder are meant to be a complete meal replacement. And though Soylent can be drunk as a meal replacement, it was never originally intended to replace all meals.

Is Soylent Good For Weight Loss?

What’s in Soylent?

Soylent, as a meal replacement, provides 20% of your daily nutritional needs per a single 400-calorie serving. Utilizing the highest quality ingredients to provide a complete nutritional profile, Soylent has 36-grams of carbohydrates, 24-grams of healthy fats, and 20-grams of protein.

In addition, the protein utilized within a bottle of Soylent is derived from soy. And, according to Soylent, soy is the most complete plant based source of protein and contains all of the essential amino acids that are necessary for healthy, growing, and functioning bodies.

Similarly, Soylent is jam-packed with 39 additional essential nutrients. These essential nutrients are vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids that are needed for daily body function.

However, many of these essential nutrients are not readily synthesized by our bodies, requiring us to ingest them from our food sources.

Is Soylent Good For Weight Loss?

What Does Soylent Taste Like?

Admittedly, we were a bit nervous before taking our first sip of Soylent. And while we’ve heard and read rave reviews of the various products offered by Soylent, we didn’t truly believe the hype.

That is, until we tried it.

To say the taste is pleasurable would be an understatement.

Honestly, Soylent tastes like a normal protein shake, though it is just a bit more mild. It drinks well and flows nicely from the bottle to our mouth. The taste is extremely reminiscent of a protein shake and doesn’t feel gritty or difficult to swallow.

And if you’re nervous about trying Soylent, we would recommend purchasing a single bottle before committing to a full case.

In addition, the ready to drink bottles come in a wide variety of different flavors, including creamy chocolate, vanilla, cafe mocha, banana, cafe chai, mint chocolate, protein chocolate, energy chocolate, and strawberry.

And after trying nearly all of the flavors, we have to say that the creamy chocolate is definitely our favorite. A perfect blend of sweet, the creamy chocolate is smooth and drinks nicely.

Is Soylent Good For Weight Loss?

Where to Buy Soylent?

As Soylent is a relatively newer product, it is a bit more difficult to find at your local supermarket. However, Soylent provides a store locator feature on their website to help find and locate Soylent products at nearby supermarkets and retailers.

In addition, Soylent is available for purchase from Amazon. Coming in a variety pack of 12, the price per bottle comes out to less than $3.50.

We actually ordered our Soylent products from Amazon and were happy to wake up to the package waiting for us outside our door the next morning.

Is Soylent Good For Weight Loss?

What is Soylent Best Used For?

In our few weeks of having Soylent readily available, we found that it was best for the times when we were simply too busy to cook up a quick meal or too lazy to order from a local restaurant. That is, we found Soylent was the perfect answer when we were simply too busy for any other option.

In addition, we found that Soylent was a great option for breakfast. Quick and nutritious, we were able to down a quick bottle in just a few minutes and start off our day satiated.

Do You Feel Full After Drinking Soylent?

Interestingly, Soylent doesn’t exactly make you feel full in the classic sense. That is, you won’t feel like you’ve just downed an entire meal and are unable to move from feeling full.

However, Soylent does take away any feeling of being hungry. So, if you are feeling hungry and are looking to provide your body with some nutritions, then Soylent is a great choice.

However, as the classic Soylent products are liquid based, you shouldn’t expect to feel full after drinking one. It will take away any hungry feeling and you will feel less hungry after drinking one but you won’t feel full in a more traditional sense.