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How to Get an MLB Players Autograph?

How to Get an MLB Players Autograph?

How to Get an MLB Players Autograph?

Perhaps there is no item more coveted to an avid and diehard baseball fan than an autographed item from their favorite baseball and MLB player. Whether a signed and autographed baseball, a jersey, a baseball cap, or a picture of your favorite player, getting an item autographed by an MLB player can not only increase it value, but will also make the item a bit more special to you.

However, getting and securing an MLB players autograph can be a bit difficult. That is why, below, we are going to review the best ways, and how to, get an MLB players autograph.

However, we do want to encourage both fan and player safety here. Requesting an MLB players autograph, particularly at the game, should be done so politely and respectfully. If your request is denied, do not be insulted or begin to be rude. Remember, especially at the ballpark, the players are technically at work and will need to concentrate on the game at hand.

How to Get an MLB Players Autograph?

Why do Fans Want MLB Players Autographs?

Before we get into the best ways to get an MLB players autograph, it’s important to review just why so many casual and avid fans want an MLB players autograph.

Perhaps above-all-else, both casual and avid basketball fans are looking for a memento or souvenir which they can take with them. This memento, whether in the form of an autographed jersey, a signed book written by the athlete, or even a piece of paper, signifies and helps fans to remember the moment they met with a famous athlete.

In addition, for many baseball fans, an autographed jersey, baseball, or even poster could be a wise investment. Many MLB players’ autographs yield significant sums of cash and can be sold to the highest bidder.

And similarly, for many fans, the simple process of procuring an MLB players autograph is part of the fun, excitement, and thrill. From meeting your favorite player, to having them sign the item, many fans simply enjoy the process that goes into getting their favorite MLB players autograph.

And lastly, for many MLB fans, a signed, autographed memento or souvenir is simply a cherished object that was handled and signed by their favorite player. For those fans, the simple fact that the item was touched and signed by an MLB player is often enough.

Are MLB Players’ Autographs Worth Money?

As mentioned above, for many casual and avid fans, securing an MLB players autograph may bring about unexpected fortunes. While most autographed items won’t have a particularly high resale value, some may.

This is, unfortunately, true of players who may not live long enough to see their careers fully flourish due to injury or death or a player whose career flourished and was able to autograph a rare item during the first season in the league.

However, overall, simply securing an autographed item does not mean endless riches or wealth. Rather, the item itself must be worth value, with the autograph simply enhancing the item and making it even more expensive.

As a wild example, the Honus Wagner T206 is a baseball card that should never have existed. MLB player Honus Wagner did not support the use of tobacco and did not agree to appear on the baseball cards issued by the American Tobacco Company between 1909 and 1911 as part of its T206 set.

However, 60 cards featuring Honus Wagner were made. And one was recently auctioned for a whopping $6.6 million.

In this example, if by some chance, you had a Honus Wagner T206 card which was autographed by Wagner himself, then the value of the card would increase substantially due to its rarity.

The Definitive Ways to Get an MLB Players Autograph

Whether you’re interested in securing an MLB players autograph for the potential resale value or simply enjoy the process of securing the autograph and meeting with your favorite MLB player, there are a number of ways that you can get an MLB players autograph.

  • At the Stadium – perhaps one of the best and easiest ways to get an MLB players autograph is to do so at the arena itself. However, by simply being at the arena, you don’t necessarily guarantee yourself the opportunity to get an autograph. Rather, you will need to arrive to the arena early, typically 1.5 to 2 hours early. In addition, you should either be situated near the field or near the tunnel where players come from, and return to, their respective locker rooms. Once situated, you should have your item and a marker ready for the player to sign. While players are within your vicinity, try calling out their names to get their attention and ask them to sign the particular item.
  • At a Meet-and-Greet Event – many times, MLB players and teams will participate in charitable events around the community. By attending and partaking in these events, you may have an opportunity to meet an MLB player and ask them to sign your requested item.
  • Buy One From eBay – although, admittedly, not as enjoyable and definitely more expensive, if you really want an MLB players signed autograph and are unable to secure one yourself, you may consider purchasing one from eBay. Although doing so will be more expensive, it is typically much easier and you will be able to receive your item within a few days. However, buyer always beware and be sure to verify the authenticity of the item before purchasing.
  • Send Them a Letter – although a bit more challenging, another great option to secure an MLB players autograph is to simply send them or their respective MLB team a letter or an email asking for one. Definitely not a guarantee, but many MLB players and teams will look to accommodate lifelong fans and season ticket holders. Again, you’ll need to be convincing and send a detailed letter or email with the request, but with persistence and a bit of persuasive writing, you may just be able to convince them to autograph and send you an item.