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How to Frame an Autographed Basketball Jersey

How to Frame an Autographed Basketball Jersey

How to Frame an Autographed Basketball Jersey

There may be nothing dearer or closer to a basketball fans heart than a signed, autographed jersey from their favorite player.  Whether it is a signed Kobe Bryant jersey or an autographed Michael Jordan one, you will want to keep that jersey safe and secure for time to come.

However, you may be wondering, how do I frame an autographed basketball jersey?  Below, we are going to walk you through framing an autographed basketball jersey and how to keep it safe from the elements and from other people trying to touch it.

Always Frame Your Jersey Behind UV Glass

The most important thing when it comes to framing an autographed basketball jersey is to frame it behind a UV protected glass.  UV glass will not only help to protect the signature and autograph from fading with time, but also helps to keep the integrity and vibrancy of the colors of the jersey.

You should also make a note to keep the jersey away from direct sunlight once hung.  Direct sunlight can be harmful to the jersey and may lead to a fading of the colors and signature.

If you are looking for a great jersey frame, then we highly recommend the PKaL Jersey Display Frame Case.  The PKaL Jersey Display Frame Case is made with an anti-fade black finish, allowing your autographed jersey to really pop.

Made of acrylic glass, the frame is unlikely to shatter.  This frame also features a 98% UV protection, helping to prolong the shelf life of the jersey and ensure minimal fading through the years.  A modern, chic frame, this jersey case will make a great addition to just about any room in your home.

Use Acid-Free Double Matting

When it comes to matting your jersey, you don’t want to use any acidic products as this can cause discoloration of the jersey.  You should always use an acid-free double matting as that will neither fade nor bleed.

Doing a double matte instead of a single matte will add a beautiful touch to the jersey and make it look more appealing on the wall of the frame. 

Choose a Proper Frame

When it comes to choosing a frame to mount your autographed jersey in, we would recommend spending a bit extra for a quality finish.  Opting for real mahogany over a plastic finish is also preferred as it will give your jersey a more sophisticated look on the wall.

You should also ensure that your jersey fits neatly into the frame.  Most jerseys should fit into a 30” x 36” or 32” x 40” frame.  However, to avoid any issues, be sure to measure your jersey before ordering the frame.

In addition, you should choose a simple frame without too many additional pockets for photos or text.  The jersey is meant to be the focus with the frame being a simple decorative piece to enhance it. 

Too often, we see autographed frames with photos, text, and pictures alongside them.  While not inherently wrong, we simply find that, that takes away from the jersey.

Never, Ever, Ever Use Glue

Want to ruin the jersey?  Then stick it to the back with glue.

Want to keep the autographed jersey and pass it on to your kids and theirs?  Then be sure to only pin or hang the jersey on the frame.  Although gluing the jersey may be easier in the beginning, this is assuming that you will never remove the jersey from the frame.

As a rule of thumb, only pin the basketball jersey or hang it from the included hanger in the frame.  This will help to ensure that the jersey lasts and will not add unneeded wear-and-tear.

When it comes to pins, you should also only use stainless steel ones.  Stainless steel pins are ideal as they will neither rust nor corrode with time or if they are impacted by the elements.  In addition, stainless steel pins will not damage the fabric of the jersey.

Hanging the Frame

Once you have completed framing your autographed basketball jersey, it is time to hang your frame!  This is, by far, the most exciting part of the process and can definitely be an anxiety inducing decision.

However, we recommend that you hang the frame slightly above your head.  The autographed jersey is a symbol, it is a representation of your love of the sport and respect and admiration for the athlete.  Hanging it above your head will allow you to view it from nearly any angle and will make it a centerpiece in the room.