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Best Self Help Books for Husbands

Best Self Help Books for Husbands

Best Self Help Books for Husbands

Being a husband isn’t always the easiest job in the world. Between the stresses of work, keeping up with the bills, maintaining a house, being a good father, and finding time for yourself, it often seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

But, as a husband, one of your main duties is to be a good man for your wife or significant other. And while we all want to be better husbands, it is sometimes easier said than done.

That’s why, below, we are going to review the best self help books for husbands. These books are primarily aimed at men in committed, long-term relationships who may need a spark or a jolt to get them back to the man they once were or the man they want to be.

Of course though, self help books are only as powerful as the work that you are willing to put in. That is, don’t expect a silver bullet to solve all your problems if you are not willing to put in the work to become a better husband. And while these books will help to guide you in the right direction, only you can make the necessary changes to become a better husband.

How Not to be an A-Hole Husband and Lose Your Wife

In this day and age of smartphones and the internet, who has time to actually sit down and read a stupid book about how to treat your significant other? Screw statistics, but they do show that the average consumer is accustomed to receiving their news in 140 characters or less and watching videos no more than 3 minutes in length, i.e. TikTok anyone? How Not to be an A-Hole Husband and Lose Your Wife does just that — short, simple, funny and ridiculously easy to implement.

This book is short, sweet, and to the point. It provides easy to follow and implement guides on how to be a better husband in just 30 days and continuing to utilize these basic techniques will help to bring you closer to your significant other and make you the man that you promised to be.

Becoming a Significant Man

Men have been told that following the path to success will lead them to happiness. But what happens after you’ve accumulated the cars, the homes, the money, and the clothes? Does happiness follow?

Unfortunately, for too many men, following the guide to success doesn’t make them happier nor does it make them better humans. In fact, it leaves them disillusioned and searching for more.

In Becoming a Significant Man, you will be provided an easy to digest way on how to become the man you want to be and stay there. If you are tired of sleepwalking your way through life, then Becoming a Significant Man is for you. Warren Peterson, founder of Significant Man Ministries, is eager for all men who have fallen behind in the game of life to benefit from his unique and powerful message.

Husband On Purpose

If you aren’t the best husband you can be, but you’d like to be, then you should read this book.

As the book quotes, “most of us get married on purpose… then we end up being a husband on accident.”

This book, unlike so many other, lays out specific action steps to help you love your wife on purpose, in the exact way she wants to, and needs to, be loved.

Impossible? Inside the book is a simple way to cheat your way to success. In Husband On Purpose, you are distilled with information on the best ways to be a better husband and learn how to become that husband to your wife that you originally set out to be.

But don’t get us wrong, even with a cheat sheet, it takes time, effort, and commitment. The road to becoming a better husband isn’t easy but it far outweighs living in a loveless marriage.

Mental Health Journal for Men

All too often, self help books for husbands, and for men in general, tend to revolve around hitting the gym, grinding it out, and pushing forward and ahead. And while those tips are definitely useful, they don’t take into account the mental health aspect that so many men tend to ignore and bury within themselves.

The Mental Health Journal for Men is the one-stop mental health gym for guys, providing effective ways to organize your thoughts and work through stress, anxiety, and other ailments which affect us all.

Whether it’s to chill out with simple breathing exercises, inspire yourself by creating a movie poster about your life, or just explore emotions besides feeling “numb,” this mental health journal approaches creative journaling with an eye for the unique challenges that guys face. So, grab a pencil (or pen) and get to work!

What Radical Husbands Do

What Radical Husbands Do is a book written by a man for men. It gives people things to do not things to be. No feel good words, psychological nuance, or happy music here. Just straight up advice from a guy who has screwed up a few times and learned how to make his marriage work through the hard times.

Marriage isn’t a game of chance. Are you willing to put your chips on the table and go all-in to win and keep your wife’s heart? This book shows you how and does so in a straightforward, concise, and easy-to-read manner.

Manhood 101

Becoming a great man for your wife, children, and society is not hard if you understand the standards and principles that every man needs to be successful in his personal manhood journey. However, for many of us, those principles were never fully dispelled and appear to be a rather difficult concept to fully understand.

And that’s where Manhood 101 comes in. Providing 101 key ideas, principles, standards, and ways to become a real man, this book will teach you how to live a lifestyle you will be proud of and one that will make you a stronger, more positive individual.