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Best Gifts for a Basketball Loving Boyfriend

Best Gifts for a Basketball Loving Boyfriend

Best Gifts for a Basketball Loving Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend love basketball?  Does he watch every game religiously?  Is he subscribed to NBA League Pass and does he rattle off the latest stats and rankings?  If so, then below we are going to review and discuss the best gifts to get a basketball loving boyfriend.

And whether you have an upcoming anniversary, are looking for a holiday gift, or simply want to surprise your basketball loving, loyal boyfriend with a thoughtful gift, the below list will be sure to be a winner.  For many lovers of the sport of basketball, anything and everything related to the sport is adored and these gifts are sure to do the trick.


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Jordan’s Air Jordan 1

Do you want to be the best girlfriend of all-time?  Then you should definitely consider getting your basketball loving boyfriend a pair of the iconic Air Jordan 1’s.   The Air Jordan 1’s are some of the most iconic, popular, and. sought-after shoes on the market.   

These sneakers are made with extremely high-quality materials like full-grain calfskin and premium leather uppers.  In addition, the sneakers come in a slew of differing colors, allowing you to customize the one you pick for your boyfriend.  Lastly, these sneakers mimic the ones worn by Jordan himself, allowing your boyfriend to feel like one of the greatest basketball players of all-time.

SiQ Smart Basketball

Do you often find your boyfriend outside late at night, practicing his shooting routine?  Taking shot-after-shot in an attempt to improve his game, level of play, and overall basketball IQ?  If so, then we would wholeheartedly recommend gifting him the SiQ Smart Basketball.

The SiQ Smart Basketball is unlike any other basketball available on the market.  Rather, it provides real-time shot tracking and personalized recommendations for any player.  With just your smartphone and. the SiQ Smart Basketball app, you can turn any standard hoop into an automated shot tracker.

The SiQ Smart Basketball is able to track how quickly a player shoots, it also offers interactive heat-maps, allowing shooters to better gauge the total number of shots attempted and made.  Lastly, the SiQ Smart Basketball tracks a shooters range from the basket, allowing them to. Improve their range and their overall shooting abilities.

The Mug with a Hoop

A simple, cute gift that any basketball loving boyfriend is sure to adore, the Mug with a Hoop is a simple, 16-ounce mug that features an attached hoop which extends over the mug from the handle.  The mug is designed to appear like a basketball, with the handle standing in as the basketball hoop.  A very cute gift that any basketball lover would be proud to own and showoff.

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

For when it’s too cold or wet to play basketball outside, the ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Arcade Game is a great alternative.  Featuring two hoops, allowing for two players to play simultaneously and against one-another, this arcade game features eight different play styles.

Coming with four 7” basketballs with an air pump, simply unbox this basketball arcade and jump right into the action.  Compete head-to-head or play individually, this is perhaps one of the most fun and creative gifts to get your basketball loving boyfriend.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

No true basketball lover can do without a mini basketball hoop and the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop is the perfect gift for your basketball loving boyfriend to toss around and practice his basketball skills from his room.  A simple design, your boyfriend will be able to hang this mini hoop within his room and begin tossing the included ball around in no time. A mini basketball hoop also makes a great addition for someone looking to make a cute basketball room décor!

TeeStars – Eat, Sleep, Basketball, Repeat

For the real basketball lovers, there is perhaps no better hoodie than the TeeStars – Eat, Sleep, Basketball, Repeat one.  A simple black hoodie, your boyfriend will be able to show off his love of the game with ease.  With the words, eat, sleep, basketball, repeat inscribed in large lettering, this hoodie is the ultimate basketball gift for all basketball lovers.

Kobe Bryant Night Light

Growing up and watching Kobe Bryant in his prime was an experience unlike any other.  With his determination, grit, and killer-like instincts, Bryant fully embodied the Mamba Mentality that he so effectively promoted and popularized.  And for anyone who truly loves basketball, then the Kobe Bryant Night Light may be one of the best gifts to give.

While talks of a night light may bring up memories of your younger years, this night light is nothing short of cool.  Utilizing laser technologies to carve the outline of Bryant, this night light can be illuminated with a variety of different colors, all controlled with the included remote.

Theragun Pro

If you have a basketball loving boyfriend who frequents the gym or the basketball court, then there may be no better gift than the Theragun Pro.  The Theragun Pro is a relatively newer entrant into the world of sports recovery but has quickly made a name for itself.

The Theragun Pro is the latest model from Theragun and improves on many aspects of the product design.  Not only quieter and lighter than previous models, but. Thee Theragun Pro features a multitude of all-new features including Bluetooth compatibility and wireless charging, giving your boyfriend. An incredible five hours of battery life.

But what really makes the Theragun Pro a great gift is its internal power.  With an industry leading 16 mm amplitude and 2,400 percussions per minute, the Theragun Pro will treat muscles and knots with care both quickly and easily.

The Theragun Pro also comes with 5 speed variable options, allowing you to adjust the speed from 2,400 percussions per minute to 1,750 for when you need to reduce power for more sensitive areas of the body.  In addition, the redesigned Theragun Pro features a new shaft button, making it easier to target specific muscle groups.

A great gift for anyone who practices basketball often and needs a little relief from muscle soreness.