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Average Weight of NBA Players by Position

Average Weight of NBA Players by Position

Average Weight of NBA Players by Position

We all know that basketball, and NBA players specifically, are typically taller than the average human. This height helps NBA players defend the basket, makes the distance needed to dunk or layup the basketball shorter, and helps them to be able to shoot over other players.

However, an often overlooked aspect of this increased height is a players weight. That is, do NBA players, on average, weigh more than their non-NBA playing counterparts?

Below, we are going to do an in-depth look on the average weight of NBA players by position. In addition, we are going to look at the average weight of each NBA team and determine if a higher or lower average weight is correlated with an increased number of games won and further advancement through the playoffs.

Average Weight of NBA Players by Position

Does Weight Correlate to Better Basketball Productivity?

We all know that most NBA players are towering figures, with the average height of an NBA player in recent seasons standing in at 6’6″. And although NBA players typically tower over the general populace, there is no correlation between height and success in the NBA.

In fact, some of the shorter players to ever play in the NBA made a significant contribution to the game and their teams.

However, does having more weight on a per player basis help to ensure success during the regular season and the NBA playoffs?

Before jumping into the data, it’s important to understand just how added weight can assist an NBA player in the league.

For starters, added weight, particularly muscle strength, can be useful while on the court in being better able to box-out, defend, and guard against an opposing, smaller player. With the added force from the weight, these players are generally stronger than their opposing counterparts.

Secondly, added weight can be useful in the NBA as a means to provide spacing and room between an opposing player and the basketball. With the overall players circumference providing shielding and space between the basketball and the opposing player, a little added weight can go a long way.

However, too much weight on an NBA player can be detrimental to their overall health and play in the NBA.

Added weight can slow a player down, can exasperate chronic knee pain and injuries, and can make it more difficult to elevate off of the ground for a jump shot, layup, or dunk.

Average Weight by NBA Team in the 2021-22 Season

Utilizing data provided by Basketball-Reference, we are able to pull in a list of all active and current players from the 2021-22 NBA season. With this data, we can further drill down to the average weight of each team.

NBA TeamAverage Team Weight
NBA AverageAverage weight of all NBA players – 214.97 pounds
Atlanta Hawks213.62 pounds
Boston Celtics221.07 pounds
Brooklyn Nets218.25 pounds
Charlotte Hornets212.21 pounds
Chicago Bulls213.27 pounds
Cleveland Cavaliers216.65 pounds
Dallas Mavericks217.92 pounds
Denver Nuggets214.5 pounds
Detroit Pistons212.51 pounds
Golden State Warriors204.64 pounds
Houston Rockets212 pounds
Indiana Pacers212.5 pounds
Los Angeles Clippers215.17 pounds
Los Angeles Lakers212.88 pounds
Memphis Grizzlies215.26 pounds
Miami Heat217.86 pounds
Milwaukee Bucks219.43 pounds
Minnesota Timberwolves215 pounds
New York Knicks213.47 pounds
New Orleans Pelicans208 pounds
Oklahoma City Thunder210.19 pounds
Orlando Magic214 pounds
Philadelphia 76ers219.08 pounds
Phoenix Suns216.52 pounds
Portland Trail Blazers214.59 pounds
Sacramento Kings215.34 pounds
San Antonio Spurs214.54 pounds
Toronto Raptors211.73 pounds
Utah Jazz225.41 pounds
Washington Wizards215.34 pounds

We can see from the above referenced data that the Utah Jazz were the heaviest team in the NBA, with an average weight of 225.41 pounds. On the other end of the spectrum, the lowest weighing team was the Golden State Warriors, averaging just 204.64 pounds, or nearly 10 pounds less than the average NBA player.

Interestingly enough, the second heaviest team was none other than the Boston Celtics. Averaging 221.07 pounds, the Celtics were a hair above 6 pounds more than the average weight of all NBA players.

Average Weight of NBA Players by Position

While the above-mentioned data looks at average weight by team for the 2021-22 NBA season, it’s interesting to dig in a bit deeper by player position. And while we expect the center position to weigh the most, with a decrease by position numbering played, the data seems to agree with those assumptions.

That is, per the data, generally the heaviest players on the court will play the center position, with a decrease in average weight by player position. Center -> Power Forward -> Small Forward -> Shooting Guard -> Point Guard.

Position PlayedAverage Weight
Center247.79 pounds
Power Forward228.63 pounds
Small Forward213.93 pounds
Shooting Guard201.53 pounds
Point Guard190.72 pounds

How Is This Data Useful?

While we’re definitely data nerds, we don’t like to pull information without any guidance or backing behind the numbers. And while the aforementioned data regarding average team weight is more interesting than useful, the average player weight by position is more of a useful metric for basketball fans and aspiring players.

With that information, and dependent on the position played, you should look to be within the average range of the players within your position. Now, that’s not to say that you should go and gain 30-pounds to reach the 247-pound average of an NBA center.

Rather, the data suggests that on a per position basis, certain positions benefit from added weight while others are better suited for less weight. Again though, this makes sense. A point guard needs to be quick and nimble and too much added weight will slow them down.

Similarly, a center needs to have some additional weight to be able to effectively box-out, grab rebounds, and withstand the hits and whacks coming from the opposing team.

Random Interesting Stats From the Data

  • Tyrell Terry of the Memphis Grizzlies weighs the least from all NBA players, at just 160-pounds
  • Tacko Fall, the 7’6″ center for the Cleveland Cavaliers weighs the most, at 311-pounds
  • Lance Stephenson is the heaviest point guard, weighing 230-pounds
  • On the flip-side, Paul Reed, a center for the 76ers, weighs the least from all centers at 210-pounds
  • At an average height of 6’6″ and average weight of 214.97, the average NBA player BMI is 24.8