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7 Best Soccer Headgears for 2023

7 Best Soccer Headgears for 2023

7 Best Soccer Headgears for 2023

Soccer, as compared to American football or international rugby, is a relatively safe sport. However, with any sport that involves physical and contact play, the risk of an injury occurring is ever present.

And with new data emerging on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, emerging, soccer players who frequently head the ball are at an increased risk of injury.

Similarly, the risk of two players colliding, particularly head-to-head is another major concern in soccer and one that we saw play out on November 29, 2020, when Raul Jimenez, playing for the Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers, clashed heads with opposing player David Luiz.

Suffering a fractured skull, it would take the Premier Club player eight months to recover from the injury and make his way back onto the pitch.

However, with more-and-more individuals understanding the inherent risks associated with any contact sport, new safety guidelines and devices are being brought forth to focus on player safety. In fact, FIFA, the worldwide governing body for soccer, has stated they will begin trialing concussion substitutes at this years World Cup in Qatar.

But if you are looking for ways to keep yourself, your friends, or your kids safe while on the soccer pitch, soccer headgears just may be the perfect option. Meant to help reduce the overall risk of head and neck injuries while playing the game, these headgears have become more widely used in recent years.

Below, we are going to look at the 7 best soccer headgears for 2023 and will discuss how these headgears help to reduce the risk of an injury in soccer. And, as a mother ourselves, we will look to see how these soccer headgears help to keep our own children safe while out on the field.

7 best soccer headgears in 2023

What is Soccer Headgear?

Before jumping into the 7 best soccer headgears for 2023, it’s important to step back and understand just what soccer headgear really is.

In the world of sports, few, if any, will complain or bemoan the helmets worn by athletes on a football field or in a hockey rink. However, on the soccer pitch, few players have opted to wear a headgear piece.

And although FIFA allows their use, per subsection 26.1 of the Equipment Regulation, many soccer federations fear the association of danger with the sport and do not encourage their use.

However, if you are looking to add protection for your head while playing, then soccer headgear is currently one of the best and most sensible options.

In fact, few other options for added head support are available for soccer players, making soccer headgear the default and best choice.

Typically wrapping around the forehead, soccer headgear is made of strong yet durable inner padding which provides protection from direct hits to the head. Adding additional inches from impact, the headgear is meant to absorb the brunt of the force, helping to keep players safer and reduce the incidence of concussion.

Similarly, many of the soccer headgears currently available on the market are specifically engineered to reduce g-forces to the head by up to 50%. This can significantly reduce the likelihood of a traumatic injury.

What Does the Research Say?

When it comes to recommending a safety product, we like to complete all the research to better help our readers make a more informed and wise decision. And, as we are not scientists or researchers ourselves, we’ve dug into the currently available research on soccer headgears.

To date, the most comprehensive study was completed by the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab. Testing 22 different soccer headgear models, three models earned a top score, which translates to a reduction in concussion risk of at least 70 percent.

And for the highest rated soccer headband, which earned five stars on the study, there was a reduction in injury risk by an astounding 84 percent.

In addition, researches noted that, generally, soccer headgears which tended to be thicker and having stiffer foam materials performed better than their less thick counterparts. Therefore, when you are looking to purchase a soccer headgear, always look for the ones that are thicker.

As Abi Tyson, a research associate in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanic’s and the lead in the Virginia Tech headgear test stated:

“If you think of something that squishes really easily and isn’t very stiff, it’s just going to compress during an impact and not leave any foam to protect your head. Something that’s stiffer can perform better during harder impacts.”

Similarly, in addition to looking at the thickness of the various soccer headgears, researchers looked at the percent of a player’s head covered when wearing one. With the trimmest models covering just 23 percent of a players head, the bulkiest ones covered 81 percent and provided much better protection.

Best Soccer Headgear Product to Buy Right Now

Utilizing the recommendations of the Virginia Tech study and our own independent testing, we have listed the 7 top and best soccer headgears for 2023. As advancements are consistently made in the field, it is important to keep up to date with the latest findings and recommendations, which we have done with our recommendations.

In addition, all soccer headgears recommended below are approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, NOCSAE, which is an independent and nonprofit standards development body with the sole mission to enhance athletic safety through scientific research and the creation of performance standards for athletic equipment.

  • LIGHT Helmet SS1 Headgear – one of the highest safety ratings earned by the Virginia Tech study, the LIGHT Helmet SS1 Headgear provides near complete coverage of a players head while worn. Utilizing military and aerospace technology with armor foam, this soccer headgear absorbs the impact rather than simply redirecting it. Comfortable and secure, the LIGHT Helmet SS1 Headgear is our top recommendation for the best soccer headgears.
  • Headstrong Headguard – Headstrong is designed for soccer players specifically. And with a deep understanding of how players play the game, Headstrong developed the Headguard to not impede the flow of a players game while still providing protection at the sides and back of a players head. Utilizing a patented formula, so-called the Impact Absorbing Liquid Technology (IMPALT), it is able to absorb the energy and reduce the effects of the impact.
  • GameBreaker AURA – coming in a variety of different color options, the GameBreaker AURA is rated 5 out of 5-STARS on the Virginia Tech study. Utilizing D30 materials, which is a brand that specializes in advanced rate-sensitive impact protection technologies utilized in motorcycle helmets and military gear, GameBreaker AURA also gives parents and coaches the ability to add a team logo to the headgear.
  • Storelli Exoshield – the Storelli Exoshield is also highly rated by the Virginia Tech study for its ability to reduce the risk of soccer and sports head injuries by an estimated 84%. Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, the Storelli headgear provides a heavy-duty design with 360-degree impact protection. And at just .4 pounds in weight, it provides 9mm of combat-grade military industrial material to protect your head.
  • Unequal Halo 3 – the Unequal Halo 3 received 4-STARS on the Virginia Tech study and was recommended by the researchers. Firstly, we love the company’s logo, which is prominently displayed on their soccer headgears. But, more importantly, it provides a snug and secure fit. And with 6mm of 360-degree protection, you’ll be safer and less prone to head injuries wearing this headgear.
  • GameBreaker Pro – another option by GameBreaker, the GameBreaker Pro provides fuller head coverage than the GameBreaker AURA and is more suitable for players who are more prone to heading the soccer ball or who engage in more physical forms of play on the soccer field.
  • Rezon Halos – with over two years of product development, the Rezon Halos assembled a team of neuroscientists and medical technology specialists to help guide the company to build one of the best soccer headgears. Comfortable and beautifully designed, these soccer headgears are proven to reduce the transmission of rotational forces from all kinds of head impacts, including head-to-head, head-to-ball, head-to-ground, and head-to-knee.

Conclusion – Best Soccer Headgears for 2022 and Beyond

Whether you’re a parent looking out for what is best for your children or are looking to play more safely on the soccer field, soccer headgears have been proven to dramatically reduce the incidence of brain and head injuries. These products work and help to keep you safer on the field and reduce the many different forms of head injuries.

However, be sure to get the right size for your head as one too small can cause discomfort and one too large risks falling off. In addition, be sure to wear one before you begin practice to ensure it is placed correctly.

We highly recommend purchasing a soccer headgear for your soccer needs and will continue having our children wear them while playing.