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What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

As the popularity of gift baskets continues to rise, you may consider creating your own basketball themed gift basket for a friend or loved one who loves the game of basketball.  Creating and decorating a basketball gift basket doesn’t have to be difficult and can be a great way to show your basketball loving loved one that you care about them and their interests.

But identifying just what to put in a basketball gift basket can be a bit of a quandary.  That’s why, below, we are going to review the best gift ideas and items to put in a basketball gift basket that will be sure to make every basketball fan giddy with joy.

What is a Gift Basket?

Traditionally, gift baskets were a type of gift delivered to the recipient at their home or place of work.  And, traditionally, gift baskets ranged from fruits to dried or canned goods, to cheese and wine.  However, as the popularity of gift baskets increased, many niche specific gift baskets began to arise.

These include gift baskets for a birthday party, gift baskets for a couple after the birth of a child, and gift baskets for teenage boys and girls.  And while there is no hard-and-fast rule that a gift basket must contain certain items, most niche specific gift baskets contain an assortment of items which are sure to please any respective fan or recipient.

What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

What is Included in a Basketball Gift Basket?

Again, there really is no hard-and-fast rule that a basketball gift basket must contain specific items.  Rather, as the gift basket is in the basketball niche, most items within the gift basket will relate to, or have some association with, the game of basketball.

And while not having any hard-and-fast rules on what to put in a basketball gift basket may make the process appear more difficult, the opposite is actually true.  With no hard-and-fast rule about what to put in a basketball gift basket, you have all the creative freedom to place whichever and whatever items you wish to choose.

However, generally, most basketball gift baskets will have multiple basketball related gifts and items.  In addition, most gift baskets contain an assortment of smaller, more thought-out gifts, rather than one or two larger pieces.  Below, we will review some items which you can put and place in your basketball gift basket to make the process of building and creating one just a tad bit easier.

Basketball Wastebasket

While starting a basketball gift basket with a wastebasket may seem odd, it actually makes perfect sense.  As with any gift basket, you will need an actual gift basket to house and transport the contents and items within the basket.  And what better basket to house the basketball gift basket than a basketball themed wastebasket.

The basketball themed wastebasket is developed of a faux leather, giving it a more sophisticated and refined look than normal wastebaskets.  It features an enlarged image of a basketball court with a basketball in the center of the court.

Simple and surprisingly sophisticated, the basketball themed wastebasket is a great basket to house the basketball themed gift basket and is durable enough to be moved and transported to the intended recipient.

What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

Shredded Paper

Once you have decided and purchased a base and basket for your basketball themed gift basket, be sure to purchase some shredded paper to set up a base for the gifts to rest on.  As the theme of this gift basket is basketball, we like to purchase brown, beige, or orange shredded paper to match the overall theme.

Basketball Bath Bombs

In keeping with the basketball theme, we love these basketball bath bombs.  Coming in a pack of three, you can open the packaging and place the individually wrapped bath bombs throughout the basket.  With a citrusy smell, these bath bombs will be sure to please even the most ardent basketball fans.

Motivational Basketball Keychains

Another great gift item to include within your basketball themed gift basket are motivational basketball keychains.  Featuring motivational words and sayings across basketball themed items, you will be able to always remind your friend or loved one to give it their all, every day.

And with 24 individual basketball keychains in this pack, you will be able to make multiple basketball themed gift baskets.  With inscriptions such as, “success belongs to those who challenge the impossible” and “winner never give up and quitters never win”, your basketball fan will find daily doses of motivation whenever they need it most.

What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

Basketball Deodorizer Sneaker Balls

What better gift to give a basketball fan than a basketball themed deodorizer?  The basketball themed sneaker deodorizer comes in the shape and design of a basketball and is meant to both remove and absorb odors from basketball shoes.

Small in design, these basketball deodorizers can fit nearly any sized basketball shoe.  And the fresh scent within the deodorizers can last up to six-months, making them a perfect gift for any habitual basketball player.

The Mug with a Hoop – Basketball Mug

We love The Mug with a Hoop.  A simple, yet cleverly designed mug, it comes with a base in the shape and design of a basketball.  However, the handle doubles as a basketball hoop, slightly overextending past the lip of the mug with an attached hoop.

Simple, clever, and cute, The Mug with a Hoop is a great gift for any basketball lover or player and definitely encourages individuals to play with their food and drink.

Basketball Themed Wristband

Similar to the motivational basketball keychains discussed above, the basketball themed wristbands are a great way to encourage and motivate your basketball loving loved one.  Coming in a pack of 36, these wristbands come in an assortment of colors, including black, white, and orange. 

Inscribed over the wristband are a slew of motivational sayings and basketball themed pictures.  The motivational sayings are simple and straight to the point but are great encouragement for anyone who really loves basketball and loves to play the game.

What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

Mini Basketball Stress Balls

We all feel stress, so why not take out that stress on a mini basketball stress ball?  Coming in a 12 piece set, these mini basketball stress balls are small enough to take with you as you go about your day and are a great way to easily, quickly, and safely relieve some built up stress and tension.

Made of a foam material, these mini basketball stress balls can be easily squeezed and smashed and provide endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Indoor Basketball Hoop

While most items within a gift basket are meant to be smaller in size, you can opt for a couple of larger items.  And if you do decide to do so, we would highly recommend purchasing an indoor basketball hoop.  An indoor basketball hoop is meant to be affixed over the frame of a door and allows both avid and casual fans of the sport to enjoy the game from the comfort of their home.

What to Put in a Basketball Gift Basket?

Basketball Trash Can Fixture

Since you’re already purchasing a basketball themed wastebin, consider completing the set and purchasing a basketball trash can fixture.  A basketball trash can fixture can be affixed or placed directly above a trash can and allows for your little basketball fan to toss their trash into the trash bin via the basketball hoop.

Basketball Ceiling Swish

The basketball ceiling swish is an ingenious idea and one we wish was around when we were younger.  Meant to be affixed to the ceiling of a room, players will attempt to score the included mini basketball into the ceiling swish, which has a mesh net to allow for scoring.  Simple and effective, the basketball ceiling swish makes a great gift for the most ardent basketball fans.

Engraved Basketball

If you are making a basketball gift basket for a loved one, then we would highly suggest including an engraved basketball within the gift basket.  The engraved basketball can be customized by both sender and recipient and features text encouraging and motivating the recipient to try their best and reminding them that they are loved.