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What Sound Does a Basketball Make When It Goes Through the Net?

What Sound Does a Basketball Make When It Goes Through the Net?

What Sound Does a Basketball Make When It Goes Through the Net?

Basketball is one of the most satisfying sports in the world.  From gravity defying dunks to magnificent passes, to the sweet, sweet sound of the basketball making its way through the net.  Swoosh. 

When it comes to playing the game of basketball, perhaps there is nothing sweeter or more satisfying than hearing the basketball fall through the net, with no impediments or obstacles.

But what exactly is the sound that a basketball makes when it goes through the net and just why is it so satisfying?

Nothing But Net

In a game of basketball, there are a number of differing ways the ball can enter the rim.  From the popular layup to the backboard breaking dunk, to the off-the-backboard assist.  Basketball is a game where skill and gravity often meet, enabling the basketball to be scored from practically anywhere on the court.

However, nothing is as satisfying in a game then when the ball goes directly through the net.  Neither impeded by a defensive player nor rattled by the rim, the sound a basketball makes as it descends directly through the hoop is a swoosh.

This sound, distinctive and unique, occurs when the basketball is launched from an offensive player and descends through the hoop, only touching the bottom of the net.  It can be a forceful sound and one that echoes slightly but it is unique in its sound properties and noticeable to any player on the court.

Why is the Swoosh so Iconic?

The swoosh sound is one of the most iconic sounds in the game.  The reason?  Because it is widely understood that for the basketball to be neither impeded by a defensive player nor to touch any part of the backboard or rim on a made shot takes considerable skill.

While you may hear the swoosh sound in your own play, hearing it consistently and consecutively requires a level of skill that many players simply do not have.  The swoosh, in other words, is iconic because it is a testament to an individual players skillset.

How to Score a Swoosh Shot?

When it comes to scoring a basket that is nothing but net, accuracy is your goal.  While shooting a basketball into the hoop takes some skill, scoring directly into the net requires additional effort and dedication.

To score a shot directly through the net, you should aim the basketball into the direct center of the rim.  Typically, most basketball rims are able to fit two full-sized regulation basketballs.  This means that if you aim the basketball for the center of the rim, you will be able to make the shot without the ball touching any other part of the rim or the backboard.

When it comes to scoring a shot with the aim of going directly through the net, it is best to practice closer to the rim in the beginning.  Ideally, look to stay within the free-throw line and its surrounding area.

Practice alone in the beginning.  You should focus only on the basketball in your hand and the rim directly in front of you.  Hold the ball steady, as you aim with your dominant hand.  Slowly, gracefully, lift the ball in a shooting motion.  Release the ball at the apex of your shot, holding your dominant hand high as you release.

Although you may not hit every shot in the beginning, the goal is to practice and develop your shot.  Aim to take 100 shots per day, counting your progress on both made shots and shots that were nothing but net.  Track your performance day-over-day to ensure you are improving.