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Treadmill Workouts for Basketball Players

Treadmill Workouts for Basketball Players

Treadmill Workouts for Basketball Players

One of the most essential aspects of playing basketball is the need for speed, endurance, and stamina.  These three qualities can be achieved via the use of a treadmill. 

However, simply running, jogging, or running on a treadmill can get pretty boring, pretty quickly. 

That’s why we’re going to discuss the best treadmill workouts for basketball players that will not only help you to increase your stamina and endurance but will also be fun and exciting to perform.

Let’s face it, no-one really enjoys cardio workouts. And while they are certainly necessary, it’s a good idea to change up the tempo, rhythm, and routine to keep yourself motivated and to introduce new routines to your workout. 

We’re going to look at treadmill workouts for basketball players, specifically focusing on workouts on the treadmill that will enhance your basketball skills and abilities. Many of these workouts can also be done via a high intensity interval training, or HIIT, session.

And if you’re a taller individual, we’d highly recommend reading up on our guide to the best treadmills for tall people to better assist you in purchasing a treadmill that will be adequate for your size.

Treadmill Workouts for Basketball Players

Some Basic Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

A treadmill workout is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of cardio and to help increase your stamina and endurance.  Working out on the treadmill, if only for fifteen minutes, can not only lead to weight loss, but has also been shown to increase heart health, which you can measure with a heart rate monitor

In addition, working out on the treadmill can benefit your muscle tone as well.  The treadmill exercises engage multiple muscle groups and helps to provide a full-body workout.  Adding in a weighted vest can also help you to gain muscle mass while completing your cardio routine.

And although your legs will take the brunt of the impact on the treadmill, ensuring proper posture and positioning will help to strengthen your core muscles while completing your run.  You may also opt to carry light weights while on the treadmill for added resistance and strength training.

Opting for the Best Treadmill

While hopping on a treadmill in intrinsically a simple task, you will want to ensure that you are doing so on a safe machine.  Unfortunately, running, walking, or even jogging on a treadmill can put pressure on your knees and joints. 

However, as we’re discussing the best treadmill workouts for basketball players, we would encourage you to ensure the treadmill you’re about to hop on is cushioned and provides optimal support for your full body weight. 

As-such, it is our recommendation to look into the Woodway brand which has some of the most supportive cushioning to reduce the impact on your knees and joints.

If you’re not keen on purchasing a new treadmill, simply ensure that the gym that you attend has an ample selection of treadmills and practice on differing machines to find the one that has the least impact on your knees and joints.

Treadmill Workouts for Basketball Players

The Kangaroo Run

Named for its up-down intervals, the kangaroo run consists of maintaining speed and endurance for a full ten minutes.  Begin by finding your steady pace, that is a light jog or run that you can maintain.  Then, increase that speed by 2mph after the initial minute. 

Maintain that added speed for an additional minute and cycle back down 2mph.  Rinse and repeat for a full ten minutes to increase your heart rate and get your body sweating.

The Plus One Minute

The plus one-minute workout is a simple, ten-minute workout designed to push your body in a set time frame.  Begin at a simple 1mph pace for one minute, then increase to 2mph for another minute, increasing to 3mph, 4mph, 5mph, and so on until you reach 10mph at the ten-minute mark.

Treadmill Workouts for Basketball Players

The Mountain Climber

The mountain climber is another simple treadmill workout but one that is great for basketball players looking to increase their endurance, mental perseverance, core, and lower-body strength.  It is another ten-minute workout, wherein the treadmill incline is set to 10 and the speed set to 3 miles-per-hour

Holding onto the top of the treadmill bar for support, your aim is to complete the full ten minutes.  You may feel your legs burn as you trudge against the set incline, but it will be well worth it after the ten minutes are completed.

The Calf Definer

Calf strength is an integral part of a basketball players overall strength and can help you with your vertical game.  Although there are a plethora of calf exercises, this one can be completed by simply walking on the treadmill backwards.

Facing away from the treadmill, at a low pace, walk backwards against the deck of the treadmill.  You will be focusing on your calf strength and will find this exercise more difficult than anticipated.

Treadmill Workouts for Basketball Players

It’s an Odd Shape

This treadmill workout looks to build muscle confusion while increasing your overall heart rate.  Set a comfortable pace at an easy incline for one-minute.  Once completed, increase the incline to a difficulty threshold you feel comfortable with for another minute.  Simply rinse-and-repeat for a full fifteen minutes.

Full Body Strength

For those basketball players looking to push their workouts, the full body strength treadmill workout will definitely help you achieve that perfect state.  This workout will push you to your limits and will ensure that you’re drenched in sweat once completed.

Setting the treadmill pace at your highest speed, do a full sprint for 90-seconds.  Pause the treadmill and hop-off, completing 10 jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and weighted squats.  Return to the treadmill and resume the same pace for another minute.

This workout is meant to run ten minutes long and will definitely have you out of breath at the end!