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How to Get Your City or County to Build an Indoor Basketball Court

How to Get Your City or County to Build an Indoor Basketball Court

How to Get Your City or County to Build an Indoor Basketball Court

While many cities and counties offer outdoor basketball courts for their citizens and residents to enjoy, many however, do not offer an indoor basketball court.  While an indoor basketball court is more costly than an outdoor one, indoor basketball courts can be used year-round and offer better protection against the elements.

If you are looking and wondering how to get your city or county to build an indoor basketball court, then look no further.  Below, we are going to go over the ways to have your voice heard and have your city or county councilmembers take up the issue of building an indoor basketball court for their residents to enjoy.

Understand What You Want

When it comes to building an indoor basketball court, there are definitely a plethora of options to choose from.  Although the most popular option, by far, is a hardwood court, you may be looking to build an indoor basketball court from aa different type of material.

The most popular choice, however, for a basketball court, is hardwood.  Hardwood flooring is the most often used flooring type in the NBA and NCAA games.  Typically, these leagues utilize a hard maple hardwood, which is a dense wood with fine fibers throughout.

The hard Maplewood flooring is tightly packed which produces a smooth surface with little to no room for dirt and grime to squeeze into.  In addition, hardwood basketball surfaces are extremely durable and need little maintenance.

The second most popular choice after hardwood is a multi-purpose surface.  Multi-purpose surfaces aren’t as popular as hardwood but still remain a great choice for indoor courts.  Multi-surface courts are constructed with a smooth slab of concrete as the foundation and then features a top surface of modular polypropylene squares snapped together in any shape or design.

Gain the Community’s Support

Building an indoor basketball court is an expensive endeavor.  Not only will the city or county need to build the building and the court, but they will also need to pay for utilities, including lighting, water, heat, and air conditioning.  In addition, they will need to pay for both maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.  All of these costs will be bore by the taxpayers of that county or city.

However, if you are looking to convince your city or county councilmembers to embark on building an indoor basketball court, you will need the support of the local residents and taxpayers.  A great way to do this is to go door-to-door and collect signatures showing support for the idea.

Hold a Fundraiser

There is probably no better way to have a project completed by a city or county than by beginning the collection of funds yourself.  You should first estimate the costs of the project.  This can be done by speaking to local, qualified contractors and construction workers. 

Once you have received a number of proposals, you can start raising funds for the project.  You can do this by starting a GoFundMe, holding a fundraiser, or going door-to-door asking for funds.  In addition, you can sell items to your neighbors to raise funds.

Find a Suitable Location

While there are a number of costs associated with building an indoor basketball court, perhaps there is no greater cost than the acquisition of the land for the building.  Now, you may be able to lease land and build atop it, however, many city and county councilmembers are weary of leasing land due to the lack of complete control over it.

As such, you will need to find a suitable plot of land that can hold a basketball court within a building.  This plot of land should be easily accessible and should also be within the city or county’s property line.  In addition, the plot of land should be close enough to the residents while not residing directly near their homes or place of business.

Find a Sponsor

Perhaps the single best way to go convince your city or county to build a new indoor basketball court is to get sponsors from local businesses.  Local businesses are often keen to help their communities and will donate both time, resources, and money for a project.

In addition, many businesses may take on the entire cost of a project, with the promise of having their name or logo prominently displayed across the court and on the sidelines.  These businesses do so hoping to gain local residents goodwill and as a form of advertising to the local community.

Bring it up to Your Local County or City Council Members

The last and most important step in getting your county or city to build an indoor basketball court is to bring the idea and proposal to those council members.  Most cities and counties will either hold weekly, monthly, or quarterly public meeting where members of the public can bring up new ideas and proposals.

You should do the groundwork and present your idea in a mature, professional manner.  Speak to the impact an indoor basketball court would have and how it would support and nurture youth sports.  Tell the councilmembers about the support you’ve received from the community and your early fundraising and sponsorship success.


When it comes to getting your city or council to build an indoor basketball court, you must lay the groundwork for the idea to come to fruition.  Speak to your local neighbors and residents to gain support on the idea.  Try and raise funds and money for the project and speak to contractors and construction companies on potential costs. 

Bring your findings and support to a local city or council meeting.  Voice your support and be vocal and confident.  While the project may take some time to be approved, you will have started a meaningful project in your community and one that will be utilized by residents for years to come.