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How to be a More Confident Man in Your Relationships

How to be a More Confident Man in Your Relationships

How to be a More Confident Man in Your Relationships

As the old adage goes, confidence is sexy.  But what they don’t necessarily tell you is that confidence can be difficult to attain.  And if you are in a committed relationship, you may be wondering how to be a more confident man.  And while becoming more confident does take time, there are practical and actionable steps you can take to help you achieve those confidence levels in your relationships.

Below, we are going to review and discuss just how to be a more confident man in your relationships.  And while this guide is geared more towards romantic relationships, the advice and instructions outlined below can be used more generally towards all facets of your life and the different relationships you may have with others.

What is Confidence?

Before discussing just how to be a more confident man in your relationships, it is important to step back and understand just what confidence is.  And while the definition of confidence can vary from person to person, a confident person, and confidence in general, is generally seen as someone who is wholly self-assured in themselves.

To expound a bit further, confidence is a belief in oneself and a feeling of conviction in one’s own abilities.  Similarly, within those feelings, being confident also encompasses the willingness and ability to act according to those beliefs.

A confident man isn’t just a man who is self-assured in his own abilities, but he is a man who is both able and willing to stick to what he believes is right and correct and ensures that he acts in manner that exemplifies those beliefs.

How to be a More Confident Man in Your Relationships

Can Confidence Be Built?

Contrary to popular belief, confidence is not necessarily an innate characteristic or personality.  And while some people may appear more confident, even from a younger age, confidence can be taught and molded.  Further, confidence is an ability that can be both acquired, developed, and improved with both age and time.

Understanding that confidence is not simply an innate quality or characteristic, individuals of all walks of life can work on their confidence and developing those abilities.  And while reading articles similar to this one can help, it is also important to place yourself in situations in which your ability to act confidently can be challenged, allowing you to work on and improve the ability.

Further, confidence and building a confident state of mind should not solely be learnt via articles and books.  Rather, confidence should be a continuous state of mind and one that you are continuously training.  This can be done via practice, training, positive thinking, and even just talking to people outside of your comfort zone.

Why is Confidence Important?

As you read through this article and learn how to be a more confident man in your relationships, it may be natural to step back and question just why confidence is so important anyway.  And while there are a plethora of reasons as to why confidence is so important in your everyday life, it is even more important when it comes to your relationships both romantic and platonic.

Being confident, particularly in your romantic relationships, can help your relationships to be more fulfilling and committed.  Being confident in your romantic relationships can also help you to both ensure that you are in the relationship for the correct reasons and that you are not taken advantage of.

And lastly, confidence in a romantic relationship is important because it is healthy.  If you are confident in yourself and in your relationship, you won’t bring about unnecessary drama and baggage and will be able to have a more fulfilling one.  And while confidence won’t ensure you have a perfect relationship, nor will it ensure you being a perfect partner, it can help.

How to be a More Confident Man in Your Relationships

You Cannot Have a Confident Relationship Without Being Self-Confident

When it comes to being a more confident man in your relationships, both romantic and platonic, you cannot properly have one without being self-confident.  No person in a relationship should look towards the relationship or their partner for their feelings of confidence.

Confidence, at its core, is an internal feeling and one that should exude how you feel about yourself.  Placing your feelings and ability to be confident on either the relationship or your romantic partner leaves you both vulnerable and attached, even when that attachment is unhealthy.

If you want to truly be confident in your relationships, then the first best step is to learn how to be self-confident and self-assured in yourself.  And while not easy, it is an important first step and one that will save you from getting hurt.

Be a Trusting Boyfriend

Similarly, when it comes to being confident in your relationship, trust is of the utmost importance.  As a confident man, you should trust your partner with not only their decisions but also their ability to make decisions with and without you.

Confidence in yourself within a relationship means trusting your partner and knowing that they will do the right thing.  And if you find yourself paranoid, interrogating your partner for minor infractions and faults, then it may be time to question your own confidence and your trust in the relationship.

If your partner has given you no reason to not trust them, then learn to be confident in yourself as a boyfriend and their partner.

How to be a More Confident Man in Your Relationships

Don’t Compare and Don’t Look Back

Jealousy is a normal feeling in any romantic relationship.  However, being a more confident man in your relationship means setting those feelings aside and focusing on the relationship.  While you may be tempted to compare and question your partner on their past romantic relationships and partners, being a confident man means being able to accept your partner for who they are and working on the relationship that you are both currently in.

Don’t be a Doormat

Too often, particularly for those of us who are just beginning to date at a younger age or after taking a hiatus from the dating game, it can be easy to accommodate your partner in their every wish and need.  And while doing so can be admirable and gentlemanly, you should also be careful to not be seen as a doormat or someone who can easily be walked over.

And while it is important to be an accommodating partner, there are times and instances where you should be able and willing to say no.  Whether it’s an invitation you are not particularly keen on attending or a suggestion that you don’t believe in, saying no is an act of self-confidence and one that helps you to establish your own guidelines and remain true to yourself.

How to be a More Confident Man in Your Relationships

Have Your Own Life

Too often, relationships can leave us forgetting to live our own lives.  And while doing things with your partner is an important aspect of any relationship, you shouldn’t forget to live your own life.  Whether that’s going to the ballgame with your friends, catching up on some video games, or even starting a side business or venture, be sure to live your own life and to have your own individual activities.

A confident man is a man who not only knows what he wants, but also one who is willing to make the time for himself.  And while you don’t want to shirk on your relationship, you still want to have your own life, activities, and hobbies that will allow you to be true to yourself.

Get Into Sports, the Gym, and the Outdoors

Lastly, being confident as a man in your relationship means being confident in yourself.  And what better way is there to be confident in yourself than by working on your body.  And while you don’t have to have a chiseled six pack, you should always be pushing yourself and your body to improve.

Whether you choose to begin playing basketball, engage in hiking and camping, or just start hitting the gym, doing so will help you to feel more confident about yourself.  And that confidence will be contagious, allowing you to feel more confident in your relationships, your work, and with your friends.