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Do NBA Players Shower After Each Game?

Do NBA Players Shower After Each Game?

The NBA, and basketball in general, is one of the most fast-paced sports in the world. One of only a handful of sports requiring an individual player to play both offense and defense, basketball necessitates the ability to run up-and-down the length of the court several times throughout the course of the game.

And although a regulation sized NBA court is just 94 feet long, sprinting and running back-and-forth on both offense and defense can leave even the most athletic individual fatigued and drenched in sweat.

Below, we are going to discuss just whether or not NBA players shower after each game and additional post-game routines and habits many NBA players complete. And while showering after a game isn’t a requirement, it is definitely encouraged throughout the league.

Do NBA Players Shower After Each Game?

Do NBA Players Need to Shower After a Game?

While, technically, there are no rules, regulations, or stipulations which state that an NBA player must shower after the end of a game, generally, most players will shower after one and immediately prior to giving their post-game interview.

Again, although a regulation sized NBA court is only 94-feet long, players will typically run the full length of the court multiple times in a game. In fact, per one estimate, players generally average 3 full miles over the course of a single game.

Between running back on defense and running to an offensive position, players will typically complete the game drenched in sweat. As an easy way to clean themselves off and to mark the end of the game, most NBA players will shower immediately after the close of the game.

Similarly, as many NBA players will provide post-game analysis, interviews, and coverage, a shower immediately at the end of the game helps the players to look more presentable and buttoned-up. By showering, a player is able to change into more professional attire and begin their post-game interviews without appearing fatigues, sweaty, or disheveled.

What Do NBA Players Do After A Game?

While showering is a main priority for most NBA players immediately after the end of a game, there are additional routines, habits, and obligations that a player must attend to. Below, we are going to look at some of the most common routines and habits amongst NBA players immediately after the end of a game.

  • Jump into an ice bath or cryogenic chamber – before showering, many NBA players will jump into an ice bath or cryogenic chamber. Meant to help alleviate and reduce soreness and swelling in the muscles and joints, many NBA players have begun to adopt the practice and will do so after every game and practice to relieve muscle tension and pressure.
  • Shower and freshen up – as mentioned above, almost immediately after the end of a game, most NBA players will hop into the shower, which is located within their respective locker room. In addition to showering, most NBA players will freshen up with some deodorant, cologne, and body wash.
  • Change into professional attire – after showering and freshening up, most NBA players will change into more professional attire. And although the NBA has relaxed its dress code on both players and coaches throughout the league, many players continue to wear suits and dress pants after the end of a game.
  • Meet with the team – after showering and freshening up, many NBA coaches will call for their players to meet before leaving the locker room. Typically, an NBA coach will discuss the outcome of the game, offer advice on missed opportunities, and provide encouragement on future games. These meetings typically do not last long and are informal in nature.
  • Grab a quick bite to eat – before leaving the locker room and returning to their respective hotel or home, many NBA players will also grab something quick to eat. Usually light in nature, such as a banana or a cup of yogurt, this snack helps a player to ease their hunger cravings which occur after a game.
  • Attend a post game interview – for coaches and their starting players, many times they will be invited to provide a post game analysis for journalists. Typically done within 15-30 minutes after the close of the game, the post game interview is meant to provide an inside look and analysis into the game and the successes and failures of the team during the game.

What Are Some Unwritten NBA Locker Room Rules?

While showering and maintaining proper hygiene are critical, particularly within a locker room setting, there are a number of unwritten rules which NBA players are encouraged to follow. These unwritten rules help to maintain a level of order and respect within the team and the organization.

  • Shower and maintain proper hygiene – as mentioned above, showering and maintaining proper hygiene are amongst the most important unwritten rules. As NBA players will typically sweat profusely throughout the course of a game, showering immediately after helps to displace any lingering smells and odors.
  • Respect other players spaces and items – similarly, all NBA players are encouraged to respect one-another’s spaces, items, and property. All NBA players are provided their own locker room, whether during a home or an away game, and sifting or going through another player’s locker is extremely discouraged.
  • Maintain proper dress code – in addition, although the NBA has relaxed its dress code for both players and coaches, both are still encouraged to maintain proper and professional wear. Players should arrive to the games dressed professionally and be prepared and in uniform before the start of the game. Similarly, after the game has come to an end, players should shower and re-dress in their professional wear.
  • Maintain a circle of trust – although many NBA players and coaches are expected to provide a post game interview and analysis, they should be careful to maintain a circle of trust. That is, what is said in the locker room and in private, should remain so.
  • Put your phone away – while social media and internet connectivity are ubiquitous and nearly everywhere, NBA players are expected to be respectful with their use within a locker room setting. NBA players should not record the antics and conversations of others within the locker room without their consent and should place their phones away during team meetings.