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Best NBA 2K YouTubers

Best NBA 2K YouTubers

Best NBA 2K YouTubers

The NBA 2K franchise is one of the most popular sports franchises in the world. Developed by Visual Concepts and released annually since 1999, the basic premise of the game is to emulate the sport of basketball and, more specifically, the NBA.

And, as the last remaining officially licensed NBA video game, NBA 2K is sought after by throngs of basketball fans, looking to put their skills on display and against friends and family. With iconic sounds and realistic gameplay, NBA 2K has entertained millions of casual and avid fans alike.

And if you’re looking to up your own gameplay, or watch some of the best NBA 2K players, then YouTube should definitely be one of your top destinations. Featuring some of the best NBA 2K players, YouTube is the destination for gamers looking to watch and learn from some of the best.

Below, we are going to review the best NBA 2K YouTubers, including their current subscribers list and frequency of uploads. Be sure to review all these NBA 2K YouTubers and definitely give them a follow if you enjoy their content!

Best NBA 2K YouTubers


With nearly 500k subscribers, LxckTV is one of the most prolific NBA 2K YouTubers. Focusing solely on NBA 2K, he has been uploading content since 2018. Similarly, LxckTV posts new videos approximately every 3 days, so there’s always something new and interesting to watch.

Funny and interesting, you can follow LxckTV on YouTube here.


What better YouTube channel to follow for NBA 2K content then NBA 2K themselves? Having joined YouTube back in 2006, NBA 2K provides fans with the latest information, content, and tips and tricks. In addition, the team at NBA 2K conducts a slew of interviews with both NBA and WNBA players, giving you exclusive behind the scenes footage into the making of the game.

Definitely worth a follow and you can do so here.

PeterMc Gaming

Another great YouTube channel with nearly 500k followers, PeterMc Gaming is one of the more unique NBA 2K YouTubers in that much of his content is focused around hypothetical content in the NBA 2K series.

For example, one of his most popular videos is his making a 30 foot player in NBA 2K, just to see what happens. Conversely, he also has a video where he made a 1-inch player, again just to see what happens.

Funny, interesting, and entertaining, PeterMc Gaming is a great NBA 2K YouTubers and worth a watch. You can follow PeterMc Gaming here.


A smaller YouTube channel, SALI JR has just over 10k followers on YouTube. But we definitely consider him to be a diamond in the rough. His content is approachable and focuses more on NBA 2K gameplay and ways to be a better player.

With frequent postings and uploads, we see SALI JR’s YouTube channel growing quickly and easily surpassing 50k, 100k, and even 500k followers soon. You can be one of those followers by checking him out here.


One of the most popular NBA 2K YouTubers, Moochie has over 800k followers and continues to upload great and interesting NBA 2K content. Many of his videos also contain giveaways, including cash prizes, NBA players shoes, and autographed jersey’s.

Approachable, funny, and with a great YouTube personality, Moochie is one of the best NBA 2K YouTubers currently making great content. You can follow Moochie here.

NBA 2K Tutes

If you’re looking to up your own NBA 2K gameplay, then you definitely have to follow NBA 2K Tutes. Providing both beginner and advanced level information on the game, NBA 2K Tutes provides quick, intricate, detailed, and high-quality tutorials for the NBA 2K series and does so in an easy to understand manner.

Definitely worth a watch and a follow, which you can do here.


With nearly 75k followers, Aurzyn provides high-quality and in-depth NBA 2K content on YouTube to help you get better at the game. With much of his content focused on bettering your own playing style and gaming abilities, he does so in an easy to understand and relatable manner.

Aurzyn is a frequent uploader and you can expect new videos on his YouTube channel nearly every other day. We highly recommend checking him out and following his channel here.


One of the most interesting NBA 2K YouTubers, Smequle has nearly 600k followers on the platform, and for good reason. His content is interesting and unique, in a way that you have to watch to see.

For example, he’ll attempt to score a three-pointer in every NBA 2K series, using only Trae Young. Or make a bank shot in every NBA 2K game, with only Tim Duncan.

Extremely interesting and funny, we highly recommend following and subscribing to Smequle on YouTube here.