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Best Items to Put In Your Basketball Bag

Best Items to Put In Your Basketball Bag

Whether you’re planning on attending a basketball practice or are just looking to shoot around with some friends at the local park, bringing along a basketball bag with you is not only a good idea, but also a smart one.

With the high incidence of injury and dehydration, particularly if you are playing on a rather warm day, being over-prepared is infinitely better than being under-prepared. Similarly, if you are planning on staying at the court for a good portion of the day, brining along certain items and essentials will help you to remain comfortable and prepared in the event of an emergency.

Below, we are going to review the best items to put in your basketball bag. These items will not only be useful in the case of an emergency, but many times will be useful to have for your own convenience and well-being.

Best Items to Put In Your Basketball Bag

What Is a Basketball Bag?

While, admittedly, just about any form of a backpack or duffle bag will suffice for your basketball needs, there are certain bags specifically designed for basketball. These basketball bags are typically larger than normal backpacks and many of them will have dedicated slots and openings which can hold a fully inflated basketball.

Convenient and useful, particularly for basketball players who play basketball multiple times per week, a basketball bag will help to provide you with ample space and room to house all your basketball needs and equipment.

And while we personally don’t have a basketball bag, we have friends who swear by the Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack. Large enough to carry a full inflated basketball and a pair of basketball shoes, the backpack has multiple compartments throughout and utilizes the Nike Dri-FIT technology to keep the bag, and the contents within the bag, from getting wet.

How to Determine What to Put Inside a Basketball Bag

While every player is different, there are some items which are considered essential for basketball and other items which are simply nicer to have and to bring along. Below, we will list both items which are necessary and ones which are simply nice to have.

However, when it comes to determining what to bring with you to a basketball game, it is best to understand where you are going to be playing, what the weather conditions are going to be, and for just how long you are planning on staying.

Once understood, you will be better able to narrow down what you need and what you should bring with you. For example, if you are planning on staying at the court for more then four-hours, bringing along multiple water bottles may be a smart decision. However, if you are only planning on staying at the court for less then an hour, you may only need to bring one water bottle with you.

Again, your individual circumstances and needs will differ depending on your own individual needs and plans.

Necessary Items to Put In Your Basketball Bag

Below we are going to review a list of necessary items you should bring with you to a basketball game. These items are considered necessary and essential and will not only ensure you have a successful day but also a fun one.

  • A basketball – if you are going to a court to play basketball, you never want to rely on anyone else to bring a basketball. Not only will you then be at the mercy of someone else, but if they don’t show up or if they decide to leave early, you’ll be left unable to play. Don’t have a basketball? Check out our review of the best grip basketballs which can help you determine the best basketball for your needs.
  • Basketball shoes – similarly, you cannot play a game of basketball without proper basketball shoes. Before you head out, be sure to include a pair of basketball shoes in your basketball bag. Don’t have basketball shoes? Check out our recommendations on the best Nike basketball shoes under $50 for inspiration.
  • Basketball clothes – you can’t play basketball in everyday wear, so be sure to pack some basketball specific clothing. From a basketball top, to basketball shorts, to basketball socks, these items will ensure you have more fun on the court and do so in appropriate clothing. Personally, we love the Nike dri-FIT tech clothing line and find that the pieces do a great job of wicking away sweat and moisture. We currently opt for the Nike Legend Short Sleeve T-Shirt and the Nike Flex Woven Training Shorts.
  • Water bottle(s) – whether it’s sunny and hot or cloudy and a bit chillier, bringing along a water bottle or multiple ones is a necessity. Playing basketball can lead to dehydration and having a source of water on hand will help you to stave off any feelings of thirst. If you don’t have any reusable water bottles, we use the Gatorade 32-ounce green bottle which is widely seen on sidelines across the NBA and NFL.
  • Basketball Pump – while bringing a basketball with you is always a necessity, a deflated basketball will ruin the fun. That’s why we always recommend bringing along a basketball pump with you to the court. And though you may not need it, it will be useful on the occasions that you do. We use this electric basketball pump, which shows the optimal pressure needed for the ball with the included LCD screen.
  • First aid kit – as basketball is a contact sport, injuries can occur. And while, hopefully, you’ll never have to use one, having a first aid kit on hand will help you to be prepared in the case of emergency and before medical professionals arrive to the scene.

Nice to Have Items to Put In Your Basketball Bag

Below, we are going to review some items which are nice to have, though not necessary to bring, with you to a basketball game at a local court or gym. However, dependent on your needs, these items may be more necessary for some.

  • A towel – while playing basketball, you are likely to get wet and sweaty. And if you are looking for a great and easy way to dry yourself up, then be sure to bring a towel along with you to the court.
  • Mouth guard – while many basketball players opt to play without a mouth guard, we recommend always playing with one. Not only will one keep your mouth and teeth safer, but you won’t have to worry about accidental hits to the face by an errant elbow or loose ball. We love the mouth guard by Shock Doctor which not only looks cool but fits really well in our mouth.
  • Electrolyte drinks – while electrolyte drinks can be useful to a more hydrated level of play, for many of us, water can suffice for much of our needs. However, if you are planning on playing for multiple hours and need a quick and easy way to replace your electrolyte levels, then bringing along a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade is a great option. We’ve recently started to drink Body Armor, which we’ve found to have a less sweet taste and utilize coconut water for added flavor profiles.
  • Energy bar – similarly, if you are planning on staying at the court for multiple hours, it may be a good idea to pack an energy bar or two. A quick and easy way to replenish your energy levels, these bars are also tasty and can give you a quick, filling bite in between games. We’ve been big fans of the CLIF Bars since they first came to the market and always recommend them for basketball. Delicious and made of organic and plant based items, CLIF Bars have been a staple in our house for years now.
  • Earbuds – not exactly necessary, but if you’re planning on playing or shooting around by yourself, then a pair of earbuds are nice to have. A great way to be in the zone mentally, earbuds non-constricting and unobtrusive to your game.
  • Portable phone charger – similarly, if you are planning on staying at the court for multiple hours, then a portable phone charger is a good idea to bring along. No one wants to be without access to their phone and a portable phone charger should help to ensure you don’t lose battery while out and about. We currently use this one which fits nicely and neatly into our phone and isn’t bulky.