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Best Apps for Keeping Up with Basketball

Best Apps for Keeping Up with Basketball

Best Apps for Keeping Up with Basketball

Whether you’re a casual or avid basketball fan, it can be difficult to keep up with all the happenings within the sport.  From the latest NBA news to the college game, to up-and-coming high school recruits, there is a lot going on in the world of basketball throughout the year.

And whether you are subscribed to the NBA’s League Pass or simply watch the highlights of the game on ESPN late at night, keeping up with all the news can still be difficult.  That is why, below, we are going to discuss and review the best apps for keeping up with basketball.

These apps are available on both iOS and Android devices and will help you to be in the know when it comes to the sport of basketball.  And whether you are looking to see the latest NBA scores, the latest NCAA standings, or the latest highlights, these apps will help you to do so in both a sleek and intuitive design.

Best Apps for Keeping Up with Basketball


Perhaps an odd entrant to the best apps for keeping up with basketball, but Instagram has proven to be one of the best apps to watch the latest highlights and news on the sport.  With highlight reels, NBA scores, and a slew of opinions and rumors, Instagram is one of the best apps for keeping up with basketball.

Need help finding great basketball and NBA accounts to follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest basketball news?  We just happened to publish an article on the best basketball and NBA Instagram pages to follow!


In a similar vein to Instagram, Twitter is perhaps the defacto source for all news, rumors, and happenings around the NBA league and within the sport.  With its ease of use, ability to send a Tweet quickly, and general lively spirit, Twitter is our go-to source for all basketball news.

Twitter is also one of the best sources for rumor news.  With the likes of Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN, Twitter is the best source for the latest news on the NBA.  Need inspiration on who to follow on Twitter?  Be sure to check out our review on the best basketball and NBA Twitter accounts to follow.

Best Apps for Keeping Up with Basketball


Perhaps the original source for all sporting news, ESPN has been able to maintain their status as the go-to app and channel for both basketball and sports news.  Owned by Disney, ESPN has multiple contracts with the NBA to produce and broadcast live NBA games.  As such, ESPN is able to provide high-quality, original broadcasting straight from the source.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report was a relatively newer basketball and sporting news site, but with the backing of Warner Media and TNT, Bleacher Report has grown to a massive collection of sports information.  With live updates and real-time highlights, Bleacher Report works side-by-side with sister company House of Highlights to provide the coolest and best highlight reels available on the internet.

Best Apps for Keeping Up with Basketball

NBA Official App

We’ll admit, the official NBA app has come a long way since it was first introduced.  But, in keeping up with the times, the app has received a major face lift.  Now, the official NBA app not only provides the latest NBA scores and highlights, but also provides timely information on trades, injuries, and rankings.


We’ve long been fans of Reddit and their forum style of discussion.  And with the NBA, basketball, and team specific subreddits providing timely, near real-time information on scores, highlights, injuries, and analysis, Reddit is one of the best apps to keep up with the game of basketball.

In addition, if you want to cull through the noise, you can join NBA team specific subreddits.  From the New York Knicks to the Los Angeles Lakers to the Memphis Grizzlies, these team specific subreddits will only focus on the happenings of those teams and their respective players.

The Athletic

The Athletic provides one of the most unique and interesting coverages of the NBA from any online publication.  As The Athletic is a paid app, writers do not need to write with advertisers in mind.  Rather, they are able to provide uncensored opinions, analysis, and thoughts to their audience.  An old-school concept, The Athletic is redefining what it means to read and keep up with basketball happenings.

Best Apps for Keeping Up with Basketball

TuneIn Radio

While not exactly a written content app, TuneIn Radio allows both casual and avid sports fans to listen to free and paid analysis, opinions, and play-by-plays via their radio app.  A great alternative to reading the content, TuneIn Radio allows users to listen to the games and analysis from some of the best commentators in the world.  Whether you’re driving your car, at the gym, or just lounging at home, TuneIn allows you to keep up with the sporting world with ease.

Yahoo Sports

Perhaps the biggest rival to both ESPN and Bleacher Report is Yahoo Sports.  Yahoo Sports has been around since the heydays of the internet, providing casual and avid fans with sporting information in a timely, well-written, and professional manner. 

One big benefit of downloading and using Yahoo Sports is their deep integration with their fantasy sports offerings.  You can easily switch between the news section and the fantasy basketball app, utilizing your recent knowledge to make trades, add players, and drop underperforming ones.

Trade Rumors

If you’re looking for an app to keep up with the latest trades and trade alerts, then Trade Rumors is really your best app.  Rather than discuss latest scores, highlights, opinions, and analysis, Trade Rumors focuses on the latest trades being made in all the major sporting leagues.  A great app to hear about the trade rumor mill, Trade Rumors has historically been one of the best apps for breaking trades in the NBA.