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Are Double Rims Harder to Shoot a Basketball On?

Are Double Rims Harder to Shoot a Basketball On?

Anyone who has played a pick-up game of basketball on either an outdoor court versus an indoors one knows the inherent difference between the two rims.  Whereas an indoor rim is single-rimmed and typically easier to shoot, outdoor rims are typically double-rimmed and slightly more difficult to shoot on.

Below, we are going to analyze the differences between the two rim types and fully answer whether or not double rims are harder to shoot a basketball on.  Understanding the difference between the two rim types will not only help you to prepare for an upcoming game, but can also mentally prepare you for what to expect on the court.

Are Double Rims Harder to Shoot a Basketball On?

Difference Between Double and Single Rimmed Basketball Hoops

If you ask any seasoned basketball player which rim is more difficult to shoot on, the answer will undoubtedly be the double rims found in parks, playgrounds, and outdoor courts.  These basketball courts utilize a double-rimmed basketball hoop system as a means to withstand the elements, multiple uses, and the stressors of player shots and dunks.

In addition, double-rimmed basketball hoops are typically stronger than single-rimmed ones.  Due to the reinforced nature of the hoop, double-rimmed basketball hoops are often better able to withstand multiple use, repeated wear-and-tear, and bending from dunks and player’s hanging onto the rim.

The double rim hoop system works by providing additional thickness to the hoop of the basket.  This added thickness, while providing additional strength to the hoop, can also cause shots that would otherwise go in, to bounce in an almost unnatural way.

Single-rimmed basketball hoops, however, are typically softer and more malleable than double-rimmed ones.  Single-rimmed basketball hoops are often the default choice for indoor basketball hoops and ones that are not exposed to the outdoor elements.

Are Double Rims More Difficult to Shoot On?

As mentioned above, the double-rimmed hoop system is designed with added thickness to the hoop.  This added thickness, while useful in terms of overall longevity, comes at the expense and detriment of players and shooters.  Due to the added thickness found on the hoop, a shot on the hoop may bounce unnaturally and chaotically against the rim.

Whereas a single-rimmed basketball hoop allows for a more natural swoosh from the ball when it enters the hoop, double-rimmed hoops are inherently more difficult to achieve that same sound and effect.  This is due to the simple fact that double-rimmed hoops are thicker in nature, forcing the shooter to arc the ball higher to achieve the same effect.

Similarly, due to the added thickness to the hoop and rim, double-rimmed hoops are not ass forgiving to a slightly errant shot.  Whereas single-rimmed hoops allow for an easier, more natural progression of the shot into the hoop, the double-rimmed hoops are less sensitive and forgiving.  A slightly errant shot will likely rattle out of a double-rimmed hoop.

Are Double Rims Harder to Shoot a Basketball On?

Benefits of Practicing and Shooting on a Double Rim Basketball Hoop

While shooting on a double-rimmed basketball hoop can be more demoralizing than shooting on a single-rimmed one, there are some obvious benefits to doing so.  Admittedly, particularly in the beginning, shooting on a double-rimmed hoop can cause some frustrations and bouts of anger.  However, maintaining your composure and continuing to practice on a double-rimmed hoop can have long-lasting benefits.

Perhaps the single biggest benefit in both practicing and shooting on a double-rimmed hoop is the fact that doing so forces you to improve your shot arc.  As double-rimmed hoops are often less forgiving than their single-rimmed counterparts, a shooter will need to arc their shot to accommodate the increased thickness found on double rims.

By shooting with a higher arc, a shooter will more likely be able to force the ball directly through the hoop.  Not only will doing so provide you with that “nothing but net” shot, but it will also result in less interference from the rim. 

And, as mentioned above, due to the added thickness found in double rims, a shot ball that touches a double-rimmed hoop will more likely rattle in and out.  This can be best avoided by placing a significant arc on your shot, essentially avoiding the ball from touching the rim.

Although shooting with a higher arc will help your made shots on a double-rimmed hoop, it is also useful for your play on single-rimmed hoops. 

Firstly, shooting a shot with a higher arc is inherently more difficult to block.  As you will be shooting with a higher arc, the defending team will have less room to block the shot attempt.

And good shooters, such as Steph Curry, often shoot their shots with high arcs, aiming the ball directly through the hoop.

Secondly, practicing and shooting a basketball with a high arc can help you develop a better shooting touch.  A shooting touch is the act of softly, gently, and lightly shooting the ball into the hoop.  It is a purposeful shot and one that requires practice and dexterity with the ball.

Due to the fact that double rims are thicker in nature, having a more natural shooting touch will help you make more shots and take shots that are more deliberate.  As a shooting touch is lighter in nature than throwing up bricks, you will find more success and a higher probability of made shots on both double and single-rimmed hoops.

Should You Purchase a Double-Rimmed Hoop?

If you are looking to improve your shooting abilities, then we wholeheartedly recommend investing in both a single-rimmed basketball hoop, as-well-as a double-rimmed one.  As most indoor basketball hoops are designed with a single rim, you will want to practice on those rims for the majority of your shots.

However, to improve your overall shooting ability, and your shooting arc and touch, then it may be wise to also purchase a double-rimmed hoop.  We have purchased and used the Spalding Super Goal II Double Ring Basketball Rim.

The Spalding Super Goal II is a simple and perfect double rim for outdoor use and provides you with the benefits of a double-rimmed hoop found on playgrounds and outdoor courts.  Although it will take some time to get acclimated to, once you do, you will find that shooting on a single-rimmed hoop much easier.