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All Time Best Grip Sprays For Basketball Shoes

All Time Best Grip Sprays For Basketball Shoes

Whether you’re playing in a slightly older indoor basketball court or are playing with slightly older, less traction basketball shoes, utilizing a grip spray for your basketball shoes is a great way to add a bit more traction to your shoes. While not widely seen used in the NBA, many amateur leagues and players utilize grip spray for their basketball shoes.

An effective, easy-to-use, and affordable alternative to traction mats, grip sprays are individually sold spray bottles which are sprayed to the underside of a pair of basketball shoes. Typically recommended to be sprayed a few minutes before you are set to take play on the court, grip sprays are generally safe on most shoes types and materials.

Below, we are going to look at the all time best grip sprays for basketball shoes. In addition, we will look at how a grip spray can help you to play and perform better on the court. Lastly, we will look at some alternatives to grip spray which may be more useful for a group of players and not just for individual use.

All Time Best Grip Spray For Basketball Shoes

What Is a Basketball Grip Spray?

In a game of basketball, traction and control through your shoes on the ground are of the utmost importance. With basketball necessitating the need to run, sprint, jump, chase, and turn on a frequent basis, your shoe’s grip on the hardwood floor should be firm and non-slippery.

Similarly, and perhaps even more importantly, proper traction and control via the shoe and its contact on the hardwood can help to avoid ankle and knee injuries. With a quick slip or fall, a basketball player can become susceptible to a career-ending injury or a long-term one.

Basketball grip sprays look to ease those concerns and help a player to have more traction and control on their shoes. Utilizing non-slip proprietary ingredients, basketball grips are specifically designed to be sprayed on the underside of basketball shoes and don’t leave a residual mess behind.

Further, made without harsh or corrosive chemicals, basketball grip sprays can be used on a wide-range of materials, including leather, cotton, and polyester. These grip sprays can also be used long-term without fear of degrading the quality of the shoe or the hardwood on the court.

What Alternatives Are There to Basketball Grip Sprays?

While basketball grip sprays are starting to become more popular, evidenced by recent entrants into the market, they are not the market leader nor are they the item used by professional basketball players. Due to the need to spray onto the underside of the basketball shoe, it is recommended to wait upwards of ten minutes before play once the spray has been applied.

With professional basketball and NBA players needing an immediate solution, and one that is accessible to all players on the court, the NBA and most professional leagues utilize shoe grip traction mats. Requiring only a player to stand on the mat for a quick moment, players are able to remove dirt and debris from their shoe and increase the overall traction of their shoe in mere seconds.

In fact, if you are looking for a long-term solution to help with the traction on your basketball shoes and are looking for a solution for your teammates, we actually recommend investing in a basketball traction mat.

However, do note, that basketball traction mats are generally much more expensive then basketball grip sprays. Similarly, in terms of portability and convenience, it would be difficult to argue that a mat is easier to carry around then an aerosol spray.

If you are looking for a good basketball traction mat, we actually used the StepNGrip Courtside Shoe Grip Traction Mat at our last league. Simply step on and allow the patented technology to remove dirt, dust, and debris in no time. Very easy to use and convenient, we were even able to share the traction mat with opposing players.

Best Grip Sprays For Basketball Shoes

If you do opt for a basketball grip spray, there aren’t too many options to choose from. And, admittedly, many of them have weary reviews to go by. However, we’ve done some further digging and seem to have found a couple that we would recommend.

Admittedly, when searching, we found that non-basketball specific grip sprays appeared to provide the best level of protection and grip for shoes. And as those brands were able to be sprayed on countless different materials, we found them perfect for use on a pair of basketball shoes.

  • Crep Shoe Protector – sponsored by none other than DJ Khaled, Crep Shoe Protector is one of the best shoe protectors we’ve used. Originally meant to protect shoes from staining and liquid overflow, we found that the product worked well at repelling dirt and debris, which are the most common causes of a loss of traction. Highly rated and a number 1 best seller, we highly recommend this product for your basketball shoes.
  • Performance Grip – if you’re looking for a basketball specific brand, then your best bet is the Performance Grip. A 2-in-1 product, Performance Grip not only provides rehydration to the rubber on the soles of your basketball shoes, but can also be used as a shoe cleaner. Non-sticky and non-corrosive, Performance Grip also claims to extend the life of your basketball shoe through repeated use. And though we were only able to try it once through a friend, we found that we had better traction and control on the court.