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All Time Best Basketball Shoelaces

All Time Best Basketball Shoelaces

All Time Best Basketball Shoelaces

Many of us, perhaps through no fault of our own, don’t really consider or pay much attention to our basketball shoelaces. Rather, basketball shoelaces are a simple accessory which holds together the overall shoe, basketball or not.

However, as with so many things, shoelaces tend to degrade over time and will need to be replaced. And while, admittedly, an annoying process, shoelaces for basketball shoes are generally inexpensive and affordable.

That’s why, below, we are going to look at the all time best basketball shoelaces. These are our own personal recommendations on basketball shoelaces which not only work well, but also provide cool and unique styles to your basketball shoes. Similarly, we will also discuss how to keep your basketball shoelaces clean and tidy and which basketball shoes come with some of the best designed shoelaces.

All Time Best Basketball Shoe Laces

How Can Shoelaces Help Your On-Court Performance?

For how widely popular basketball and basketball shoes have become, it’s definitely interesting to see how little attention is paid to the laces within the shoe. As noted on Shoe Laces Express:

“It could almost be said that shoelaces have been instrumental in modernizing the world. Through ancient times the human race mainly traveled by foot, whether in small groups as explorers or traders or in large groups like armies. The protection of the foot became very important very quickly which started the invention and innovation of shoes and shoelaces. This need for shoes brought on the need for shoe laces. For someone to travel by foot safely and quickly the shoes one is wearing need to fit securely and comfortably on ones foot. Shoelaces provided this function. Therefore as shoelaces evolved and improved footwear, mankind has been able to explore the world, advance commerce and expand civilizations.”

Similarly, for performance on a basketball court, shoelaces are extremely important. From being able to secure the shoe to the foot for maximum traction and grip, to ensuring proper strength so the laces don’t come undone during a game, to the very color scheme of the laces and how they match against the overall game uniform, basketball shoelaces are one of the most important pieces of basketball accessories and equipment.

How to Keep Basketball Shoelaces Clean and New?

As with a pair of basketball shoes, keeping your basketball shoelaces clean and new will help to lengthen and extend their overall performance and lifecycle. With proper care and maintenance, a pair of basketball shoelaces, which come with a pair of basketball shoes, should be able to withstand daily wear-and-tear for the same length of time as the basketball shoes.

However, the length of use for both a pair of basketball shoes and basketball shoelaces can be extended through proper care. To clean a pair of basketball shoelaces, simply follow the below steps.

  • Remove shoelaces from the basketball shoes.
  • Run the shoelaces under warm water and use a toothbrush to remove any larger debris.
  • Using laundry detergent or a stain remover, spot treat the shoelaces.
  • Place the shoelaces in the washer and run a regular wash cycle.
  • Let the basketball shoelaces air dry. Avoid placing in the dryer which can shrink the shoelaces.

Similarly, be sure to always keep your basketball shoes clean. Below, we review, step-by-step, the best way to keep your basketball shoes clean.

  • Using a toothpick, remove any large dirt, debris, and stones from the bottom of the basketball shoe.
  • Utilizing a soft-bristled shoe brush or tooth brush, remove any excess dirt on the outside of the shoe.
  • Using a sponge or soft cloth, apply a small amount of laundry detergent to warm water and apply the mixture to the shoe.
  • Keeping the shoes in a room temperature area, allow them to air dry before wearing.

Best Basketball Shoelaces

When it comes to replacing your basketball shoelaces, it is not only important to choose one with proper materials but also one that doesn’t clash against the overall color scheme of the basketball shoes. Per the color wheel below, you can see how certain colors can complement one-another.


When choosing a pair of basketball shoelaces to replace an older one, you will want to ensure that the color of the shoelaces either completely matches the color of the basketball shoe or complements its overall color.

Similarly, the type of material used in the shoelaces is important. Overwhelmingly, most basketball shoelaces either utilize a cotton or polyester material, which is more durable and stronger. Be sure to stick with either option and avoid options like rawhide, which is not an adequate option for basketball shoes.

  • Metallic Gold Basketball Shoelaces – our absolute favorite basketball shoelaces are the metallic gold basketball shoelaces. A unique, patterned design, the shoelaces are made from polyester silk and feature a cool gold metallic head to add a bit more flair to the shoe.
  • Flat Athletic Shoe Laces – flat basketball shoelaces have been in style for quite some time and these Flat Athletic Shoe Laces do the style justice. Thick and wide, they come in a wide variety of differing colors, all of which look great on larger basketball shoes.
  • Elastic Shoelaces – if you’re anything like us and hate tying your shoes, then these Elastic Shoelaces are a perfect option. A cool and chic look, you simply attach these shoelaces to your basketball shoes one-time and simply pull on the ends to provide added grip and pressure. Fashionable and an interesting design, we love these basketball shoelaces.