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All Time Best Basketball Rugs

All Time Best Basketball Rugs

All Time Best Basketball Rugs

There are, admittedly, a few things in life that aren’t really thought of or considered until you need to use them or are looking for one to solve an issue. Like an aglet, which is the plastic bits at the ends of shoelaces, many of us wouldn’t really care or bother learning its name.

And, interestingly enough, we find that basketball rugs fall into that category. Not exactly the most exciting topic, nor is it one that many of us search for on a daily basis, basketball rugs are a little more then a novelty item that we only really concern ourselves with when looking to purchase one.

So, if you’ve landed on this post, then congratulations, as, I assume, you want to know what are the all time best basketball rugs. And that’s exactly what we’re going to review. And while you probably don’t usually think about basketball rugs, when you do, you want to make the best choice and decision.

All Time Best Basketball Rugs

What Are Basketball Rugs?

Interestingly, a basketball rug is not a rug made of basketballs or one made of materials used to make a basketball, but rather, a rug which is either designed or styled after a basketball. Similarly, a basketball rug can be league specific, with the NBA being the most popular.

But, narrowing down even further, a basketball rug can also include specific NBA teams or players. That is, if you have a favorite basketball player or NBA team, you may opt to get a basketball rug featuring their silhouette or logo.

And while a basketball specific rug doesn’t have to adhere to specific design measurements, by-and-large most basketball rugs tend to be smaller and are meant to cover smaller square feet on the ground. Contrary to popular belief, these are not large rugs and many of them are meant to cover smaller areas on the ground.

Where Should I Place My Basketball Rug?

While you can place your basketball rug in just about any living space in your home, the majority of people who purchase basketball rugs tend to do so for either their “man caves” or as an accent design for one of their children’s rooms.

Most basketball rugs don’t really match well within a living room setting, and are far too informal, to be placed there. Rather, having a basketball rug in your man cave or in one of your children’s room is generally advisable and can spruce up the area.

Similarly, if your kids are big fans of the game, then placing a basketball rug in their room can help them to feel that their room is more personalized to them and they will be excited for the prospect of having the basketball rug placed there.

Best Basketball Rugs

Below, we are going to review some of our favorite basketball rugs and mats. These rugs are perfect for a children’s room or a man cave and really showoff your basketball fandom and loyalty. In addition, if your child loves the sport, they will likely really love some of these rug designs in their rooms.

  • Basketball Replica Rug – the simplest of all basketball rugs may just be our favorite one. A replica of an actual basketball, the Basketball Replica Rug is larger then expected and has a soft, cushioned feel to it. Essentially an oversized basketball, it’s a great accent piece and goes well beneath your children’s play area to provide additional cushioning against falls and scrapes.
  • Abstract Water/Fire Basketball Rug – the Abstract Water/Fire Basketball Rug is great for teenagers who are passionate about the game. A blend of water and fire intersect a basketball, set in the middle of the rug. A cool piece, it’s definitely geared towards teenagers and may not be the most appropriate for younger children.
  • Half-Court Basketball Rug – there are a ton of half-court basketball rugs available, but none are as well-produced as this one. The Half-Court Basketball Rug is not only expertly designed, but utilizes neutral colors that can mesh and match with nearly any design or style you may have. Personally, we think it would go great in any man cave, but that’s for you to decide.
  • Personalized Basketball Rug with Name – in addition to being great for a kids room, this rug could also make a great personalized gift for a basketball playing young adult. Larger than the other pieces mentioned here, it’s an all-black design with striking white outlines of a basketball court and a, rather large, orange basketball. But what really makes the Personalized Basketball Rug with Name great is that you can have the players name and number customized onto the rug, making it a unique and perfect gift.
  • Blue Kids Sports Rug – if you’re looking to get a rug for your young children, then we highly recommend sticking with the Blue Kids Sports Rug. Featuring a collection of sports items and their associated balls, the rug is fun and whimsical. With a basketball, football, baseball, and soccer ball, your kid will be able to explore all the different sports available to them.