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8 Reasons Why Camping is a Great Hobby for Everyone

8 Reasons Why Camping is a Great Hobby for Everyone

I’ll admit, I am a lover of the great outdoors, the wilderness, and going back to nature.  And, having been born and raised in New Jersey, I had a plethora of great camping sites centrally located and available to me.  I grew up camping with my dad and eventually began camping with friends and acquaintances during my college years.

And as I’ve gotten older, my love for camping has only grown stronger.  That is why, below, I am going to give you 8 reasons why camping is a great hobby for everyone and why more people should embrace the great outdoors and the benefits that camping provides.

Is Camping a Hobby?

One of the biggest and most frequent questions I get asked is whether or not camping is a hobby.  Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a hobby is simply a pursuit outside of one’s regular occupation which is engaged in, especially for relaxation.

Looking at this definition, it is clear that camping is definitely a hobby.  And although it may not feel like a relaxing pursuit in the beginning, you will find that camping provides a number of relaxing benefits as you become more experienced and acquainted with the demands of camping.

See the World Around You

Too often, we are all glued to our devices, whether it be a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  Our screen times are increasing, with nearly 50% of respondents indicating that they spend over 5-6 hours per day on their phones in 2020.

While we’re not here to admonish anyone’s phone usage, camping can be a great way to disconnect from the screens and see the world around you.  Whether you live near a national park in the United States or one of the 4,300 camping sites, there are ample opportunities to get out and see the world around you.

Camping is a Great Form of Exercise

Camping is also a great form of exercise.  Admittedly, going camping will burn much more calories than simply staying home.  However, if your camping trip involves any form of hiking, biking, or even trekking, then you will be working your heart and lungs, helping to keep you more in shape and healthier.

reasons camping is a hobby in the great outdoors

Enjoy Camping Food

Another reason why camping is a great hobby is simply due to the food you will experience while on the camp.  From roasted marshmallows over a crackling fire, to hot chocolate with friends, camping allows you to sit back and relax without the stresses of modern life.

Get Closer with Friends and Loved Ones

Camping is also a great way to get closer with friends and loved ones.  Camping will allow you to bond over memories while also creating new ones.  And camping during colder months will allow you to snuggle and cuddle up to a loved one in the tent.

Make New Friends

Campers are, generally, a friendly bunch.  And campers love meeting other campers.  Whether to discuss the weather or to provide tips and tricks, camping can help you meet new people and make new friends.  You may even begin camping with these new friends, further deepening your relationship with them.

Create Amazing Memories

There really is nothing quite like a camping experience with friends and loved ones.  And another great benefit to camping is the memories you will create with your friends and loved ones that you went on a camping trip together.  From the difficulty of pitching a tent to the stories you share over a campfire; these memories will last a lifetime.

Learn How to Fend for Yourself

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons why camping is such a great hobby is due to the fact that it will force you to fend for yourself and be independent.  You will have to rely on yourself, and your own abilities, to pitch a tent, cook food, remain warm and comfortable, and setup a fire.  If you’re looking for ways to learn how to be more independent, then camping is one of the best routes.

Develop a Family Tradition

This is particularly true if you have younger children.  However, camping is by far one of the best ways to create and develop a family tradition.  Your children will remember the fond memories of their camping trips and will feel closer to you.

In fact, some of my own fondest memories with my father were from our camping trips together.  From carrying gear, to helping him gather firewood, to learning how to fish at a nearby lake, camping is a hobby that connects my father and I and is one that has created lasting memories.

Learn New Skills

Lastly, camping is honestly a great hobby as it forces you to learn new skills.  From the basics of setting up a tent and a campfire, to the more advanced, such-as fishing, hunting, keeping your food items cold, and cooking over an open fire.  You will learn new skills as you will be forced to learn them.  These skills will make you more resilient in your everyday life and provide you with a greater level of appreciation for the conveniences of modern life.